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Pope Francis & the K of C Tootsie Roll Campaign


Father Kidd Council of the Knights of Columbus had a little Papal help with the Tootsie Roll Campaign. We continue to walk with Pope Francis in making a difference for others!

Archie Takes a Bullet & Dies? What’s Next?

Archie Andrews, star of the long-running Archie Comics universe, will take a bullet on Wednesday in a fearless leap to save his gay friend from an assassination attempt. The 73-year-old character’s impending death was first announced in April when Jon Goldwater, co-CEO of Archie Comics Publications Inc., said in an interview with CNN that Riverdale’s famous ginger will go out a hero in “Life with Archie,” which explores Archie’s life as an adult.

This is ridiculous! Everyone does know it is fiction, right? Does everything have to be politicized and twisted to what someone feels is a righteous cause? What can we expect next?

“Casper the Friendly Ghost Reveals that He was Abused & Murdered as a Child”

“Donald Duck Arrested for Indecent Exposure”

“Olive Oil Dies from Chronic Anorexia, Popeye Ate All the Spinach!”

“Scooby Doo Put Down from Drug Overdose, Shaggy Arrested”

“Garfield Run Over in Hit-&-Run, Keep Your Pets Leashed!”

“Little Lulu Comes Out as Lesbian, Says Stop the Hate!”

“Little Ol’ Lady Who Lived in a Shoe Demands Obama Care Contraceptives”

“Wilma Flintstone Leaves Fred Over Affair & Too Many Yabba-Dabba-Doo Times!”

Computerized Automated Confessionals?

Obviously, this YouTube video is a pretense. No one in the Church would allow such a thing, even as a trick:


It reminds me of the computer Jesus confessor in the movie, THX 1138:


Mainland Chinese Eating Babies!

The headline I read back in 2007 asserted, “Hong Kong Reports Mainland Chinese Eating Infants.” Say what? Can this be real? It sounded like a sick joke or maybe a slur to belittle the Chinese. But it supposedly came from a reliable news source.eatthebaby.jpg

Below is a portion of an article posted online at EPOCH TIMES and taken from a Hong Kong weekly, THE NEXT MAGAZINE.

Can it be true? If you have a strong stomach you can follow the link. It is monstrous! Of course, there was scandal a number of years ago when certain shampoos were using aborted fetuses for the animal protein ingredient. Further, while used for research, catalogues with baby body parts circulate even in the United States, with hefty price-tags attached.  I learned about these from friends who work at NIH.

China’s stringent, dare I say “mandatory” abortion measures and population control, once praised by Mrs. Clinton, may have precipitated such a callous view of the child as seen in the article:


The Next Magazine, a weekly publication from Hong Kong, reported that infant corpses and fetuses have become the newest supplements for health and beauty in China. Not only is the placenta considered a beauty remedy, but also aborted fetuses are much sought after delicacies. In Guangdong, gourmet body parts are in high demand and can even be purchased through hospitals. The magazine’s investigations into this form of cannibalism took them to Liaoning province.

According to The Next Magazine, during a banquet hosted by a Taiwanese businessman, a servant Ms. Liu from Liaoning province on the mainland inadvertently revealed the habit of eating infants/fetuses in Liaoning province and her intention to return for the supplement due to health concerns. The Taiwanese women present were horrified.

No further comment, I have to go throw up.


PETER:  How, precisely, does one spring that on one’s dinner guests? “This looks interesting – what is it?” “Roast baby with a raspberry coulis.” *Barf* the depth of depravity is positively unfathomable. And there are those who want to follow down this road… *boggle.*

AMBER:  Absolutely horrifying! What in the world is wrong with people? How could it have gotten this bad?  This completely sickens me…

JAMES:  This is one of the worst things of which I have ever heard! God help us! It makes me think that the wrath of God cannot be far away. Of course, given the apathy and ignorance today, it makes me think that this ignorance of God IS part of the wrath of God. Oh God, please give these miserable people the grace to find you!

KAMASULLAH:  I wouldn’t be surprised if they are eating babies in China!! Because, as I have seen their food, I think they will eat anything on the earth… insects, cats, dogs, monkeys, snakes, rats, and finally dead human babies.. OMG, who knows what else they eat and we don’t know!

ASDF:  Ha-ha, at least it’s organic. The cr-p we eat causes cancer.

SIEWEN:  OMG!  Are you serious?! I’d rather get cancer then eat that. It’s sick and disgusting. It is bad enough to be a cannibal, but to go so far as to eat A BABY?! It is sickening, completely uncalled for and ridiculous. However, I think that this evolved from stem cell research and abortion, so we are all kind of guilty. Nasty people in the world!



POOPER:  Calm down, everyone. It’s a hoax.

FATHER JOE: Jonathan Swift gave us his Modest Proposal for the Irish. Such things are not new but they make us pause to think about the real nightmares around us.  Both Scotland Yard and the FBI purportedly looked into this allegation.  Zhu Yu did an exhibit called, “Eating People,” at the Shanghai Arts Festival in 2000.  Here is the frightful photo faked with a duck carcass and a baby doll head.  Unfortunately stories about forced abortions and even that of a new-born drowned among the rice paddies are true.  Who needs hoaxes while we already have real horror stories?

Modest Swimsuits at Last!

This is a REPOSTING of a post I made back in 2007.  It is amazing how many hits the MODEST SWIMSUITS post received (30,667 hits as of today). I guess that topic is something virtuous people regularly plug into search engines in the desperate hope of finding something for themselves and for their children to wear.

My earlier post was done somewhat tongue-in-cheek and yet the concern is a real one for people. Good Christian girls might not want to disguise their beauty to the extent of some of the Moslem styles, but neither do they want skimpy outfits that are little better than all-out nudity. I suppose more mature women want suits that stress their femininity while not exaggerating the few pounds that come with age and childbirth. Given his celibacy, I joked about priests unable to go to the beach, but have things reached such a point that the beach represents a real danger to any Christian and the family? 

One final qualification, while this posting does poke a little fun, the subject matter is serious and the good Muslim ladies are a wonderful witness to modesty, with all kidding aside.  I understand that a number of people even followed the links here and gave them some swimwear business.  While I might think there coverage is a bit much, they have earned my respect for daring to be counter-cultural and cherishing both modesty and chastity. 


Yes, I am talking about the weaknesses of the flesh and acts of passion, but also about possible abuse and assault. Spiritually, there is the matter of the soul, too. Can a man admire bikini clad young girls and simply praise God for the goodness of creation? Or is a man more likely fantasizing about them? When plenty of flesh is literally delivered to the senses on a platter, a person might not need a wild imagination or much further motivation for sinful thoughts.

Similarly, women are increasingly joking about male bulges and butts. They are not immune to sexual fantasies either, and such can constitute immodest thoughts and, as with the men, even adultery in the heart. When was the last time any of us heard someone teach about the moral imperative to maintain a “custody of the eyes”?


swimm1.jpgTraditional Catholics and Homeschooling parents are always lamenting the fact that they cannot find modest swimsuits for the young women in the family. Everything is designed these days to show ballooning cleavage and legs extended past the waistline, or so it seems. It is all a very scary business, especially if there are young men and teenage boys on the beaches too. Remember, the most dangerous thing for a teenage girl is a teenage boy! Many of us have not visited beaches in years so as to preserve the custody of the eyes. Well, if you are tired of parading your young daughters to the ravenous beach wolves, there is hope in sight. It comes from a highly unlikely place, the Muslims.

Less willing to go naked as many so-called Catholics and other Christians these days, these girls also want fun in the sun, laying on the beach, and swimming in the surf. But, they do not want to forfeit their virginity or be prey to voyeurs in doing it. It is here that we can take a lesson from their book.

moslemsuit1.jpgSPLASHGEAR MODEST SWIMWEAR has been designed with loose-fitting swim shirts (yes, even that pretty neck is covered!), swim pants (legs, what legs?) and hair covers (which she can use at Mass, too!). Why these girls look almost like boys they are covered so effectively. Fathers will no longer have to worry, indeed, they can get modest swim-gear for their wives too (they come even in jumbo sizes!).

An article about these wonderful swimsuits ran in an AP (Feb 18, 2007) article by Peter Prengaman that you can read in full at the Splash Gear site:

“America is predominantly coed, and increasingly the norm is skimpy swimsuits. Enter the new-and-improved all-body suit. The suits are also increasingly stylish, with aqua to purple to hot pink colors, intricate sequin designs and miniskirts that go over long pants. ‘We want to be modest, but we also want to be fashionable,’ said Shereen Sabet, who last year founded Splashgear, an online swimwear store for Muslim women based in Huntington Beach.”


The flipside to all this is that it will help us save our young Catholic boys from corruption, too. No matter how we raise them, let us be honest, when it comes to the flesh, the male of the species is weak. Girls flirt and shamelessly show themselves off to boys, arguing that it is okay as long as they do not get the boys’ engines running. Silly silly girls, boys are born with their motors running. Sexual morality will always be what young women want it to be. If most girls set limits and said “NO!” more often, boys would accept it and be better off. These swimsuits will help…out of sight, out of mind. All the bumpy parts are covered, even down to the ankles. Strategic scarves cover necks and chins and the headgear on other outfits goes all around the chin. Some might regard the hair-guard as optional, but don’t you chance it! Who knows what a pretty neck or a rosy cheek might do to a hormonal crazy boy! The Bible talks about the allure of a woman’s hair, best to keep that under cover as well.

moslemsuit3.jpgmoslemsuit2.jpgThe Church should start its own line, and we could sell to “good” Catholics and Muslims alike. But until then, the Muslims have online and mail-order catalogues! If our kids are afraid that others might make fun of them, we can start groups that will go to pools and beaches together. Catholic homeschoolers and Muslim girls can swim together and urge authorities to force those nasty boys to go somewhere else! With strength of numbers, our families and girls can admonish the other so-called Catholic females on the beach: “Have you no shame for exposing yourselves in underwear? Protestants, I mean Prostitutes wear more clothes than you! Why don’t you save money and just wear a couple pieces of cotton thread instead of that $500 string-bikini! Your butt is fat! My newborn baby sees you and all he wants to do is nurse!” You’ll have those immodest sirens running from the beaches in tears.


Compare this girl to the ones shown in modest-wear above! It is no comparison! This girl is nothing but temptation and sin looking for trouble. Look at her with that “come-hither” stare–disgusting!

Let us make a revolution for purity and modesty today!

On the Net:

Splashgear: http://www.splashgearusa.com/

Primo Moda http://www.primomoda.com/

Ahiida: http://www.ahiida.com/

If everyone starts wearing these new outfits, we will finally be able to take our clergy on beach vacations and not have to be embarrassed by the local sights. Take back the pools and beaches for the Lord and for us modest believers. We can make a difference! Finally we have found something worthwhile we can do with our Muslim neighbors!

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The Ultimate Homeschooler Video Game?

Although this promotion exhibits a false game for a real one (Dante’s Inferno), what else does it communicate? Is it simply a fun parody which should make us laugh (at ourselves)? Or does it inadvertantly imply that Mass and church attendance is boring? Are traditional Catholics being mocked?