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The Ultimate Homeschooler Video Game?

Although this promotion exhibits a false game for a real one (Dante’s Inferno), what else does it communicate? Is it simply a fun parody which should make us laugh (at ourselves)? Or does it inadvertantly imply that Mass and church attendance is boring? Are traditional Catholics being mocked?

3 Responses

  1. Oh, and sometimes mass is boring. But most of the time if you pay attention and participate, it’s not. Sometimes if I’m moody, and sit there and vegetate, I find myself wanting it to be over. But when I sing and pray and do the responses, I get more energized and time just flies by. I love to sing.

    I used to think that at the end of the mass when the priest says, “the mass is ended…” and the people respond, “thanks be to God” that it meant thank God the mass is over. I couldn’t understand–even if someone thought that–why they would actually say it as part of the mass. Now I hear that is going to be changed with the improved translation or something? I’m glad for that.

  2. It’s obviously a marketing ploy to garner more publicity for the real game they are trying to push.

    I usually have a pretty laid-back, somewhat irreverent sense of humor–enjoy watching South Park most of the time. I don’t really think this was that amusing or witty. But to each his/her own. *shrug*

    Two things came to mind: 1) These kids are being taught that it’s ok to mock someone’s religious beliefs. Very disrespectful IMO. I was always taught that even if you don’t agree with someone or approve of their lifestyle, you still should still be respectful; and 2) I’d be interested to see what would happen if they replaced Catholic Christians in this video with Muslims and mock the Islamic faith. That would never happen (nor should it IMO). Christians are such easy targets.

    I don’t understand how Satan attacked the Mass? At communion we receive the body and blood of Christ, don’t we? So, it’s all good in my way of thinking.

  3. God is being mocked in the video.

    Satan attacked the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that we no longer attend the crucifixion; we are commemorating a memory with a meal.

    Things like this video further his work of destroying the kingdom of Christ.

    Were this a real game, modernists Catholics would purchase it for their homes and give it as birthday and Christmas gifts as if it were the salvation of mankind.

    We should never worry whether or not Traditional Catholics are being mocked. They are risen from slime like the rest of us.

    We should worry that God is not mocked.
    Suprema Lex Soli Solimarum: The Supreme Law is the Salvation of Souls

    Que Dios te bendiga, Padre.



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