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Reports are unclear and have used various words for what Archbishop Milingo did in Washington, DC last Sunday, saying that he either installed or ordained four men. One thing is for certain, he follows the rhythm of his own drum, no matter how out of sync with the universal Church.


What the news media is missing about the Milingo fiasco is that all the men that he ordained (or consecrated) were in their own estimations, already bishops! If so, why would they go through this ritual with the Zambian archbishop? Scuttlebut says the following:

1. Archbishop Milingo himself was concerned that some of the independent bishops with whom he had found affiliation might not be validly ordained as bishops.

2. These men themselves often go to great lengths to convince others that they are true bishops. However, one has to wonder if they are not guilt-ridden and unsure themselves? Now, with an authentic Roman Catholic archbishop backing up their pedigree, they can put doubt to the wind.

It is also interesting to note that our own George Augustus Stallings, Junior seems to be moving back toward a more “orthodox” Catholic theology. He talks about the sacrament of penance again, although back in the early 1990’s he dismissed it.

Who are these men who have flocked to Milingo?

george_stallings.gifGEORGE STALLINGS – Imani Temple, 1015 I St., Washington, DC 20002

George Augustus Stallings, Jr. was born in 1948 and like Milingo has an Asian Moonie wife. He was a priest for the Archdiocese of Washington, DC and for many years was the popular pastor of St. Theresa’s Church. He was known for his lavish lifestyle and expensive tastes. Ordained in 1974, he founded the Imani Temple African American Catholic Congregation in 1989. He claims to have been ordained a bishop in 1990 and elevated (himself) to archbishop in 1991. He told a young girl on the Oprah television show that blacks are God’s chosen people and that people of color will be resurrected first in the heavenly kingdom, a tenet I think he shares with some of the Black Muslims.

brennanpeterpaul.gifPETER PAUL BRENNAN – 151 Regent Place, West Hempstead, New York 11552

Peter Brennan also started out as a Catholic and he claims membership in a whole assortment of ecclesial communions, none of which is truly Catholic: The Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of the Americas, the African Orthodox Church and the Order of Corporate Reunion. He attended Catholic seminaries, like Stallings, and was a professed Religious before his defection from true Catholic unity. A member of CORPUS, the issue of a married priesthood is also high on his agenda…much more so than fidelity to the sacred promises he once made. His bio says that he was ordained a priest in 1972 by Bishop Marchenna. He had himself ordained again in 1974, and later as a bishop in 1978, 1979, and twice in 1987. Evidently many of these were conditional ordinations in case it did not take the first time…try, try again…bingo, Milingo (2006)!

trujillo.gifPATRICK TRUJILLO – 6020 Newkirk Avenue, North Bergen, NJ 07047

Pat Trujillo belongs to the Old Catholic Church, you know the group that also ordains the gals, now– just like George Stallings! They might have a nice liturgy, but that alone did not spare them increasing doctrinal divergence and heresy. He claims to be the ordinary of the Archdiocese of Our Lady of Guadalupe, New Jersey (despite the name, we are talking about a very small operation)!

I do not know much more about him. Maybe that is for the best, now that he is one of Milingo’s pals.

gouthro2.jpgJOSEPH J. GOUTHRO – 925 Felix Palm Avenue, North Las Vegas, NJ 89032

Joe Gouthro is a Las Vegas hack for quickie weddings! I guess it gives Catholic patrons who are married “out of the Church” that religious feeling that it is okay, despite being married before and not really practicing anyway.

Like all the rest, he makes a point of telling us that he was “ordained and consecrated in valid Apostolic Succession” by some peculiar group called Catholic Apostolic Church International– a bogus Catholic group if ever there was one. He advertises on his shingle that he “officiates Catholic, interfaith, non-denominational, cross cultural and civil weddings.” Ah, and you should see his rates!

His website reports: “He will customize your ceremony according to your wishes. The ceremony can be officiated according to the Roman Catholic Ritual or the Anglican Book of Commom Prayer.” Look at this, he plays both Anglican and Catholic priest…oops, I mean, bishop!

What are his real credentials? He served three cruise lines as a coordinator. He must be the LOVE BOAT Bishop! And forget about the requirement of a Church wedding, he says he will marry you anywhere…golf clubs…hotels…nature sites…even Elvis marriage chapels with neon light glory!

I guess he has reservations about his holy orders like the other men, so Milingo made him official.

I wonder if all the ordinations were conditional and not absolute? Were all of these guys ex-Catholics, and if so, how much did the excommunications matter?

All four men claim affiliation to the breakaway Synod of Old Catholic Churches. “We are not only validly ordained Catholic bishops, but we are ordained Roman Catholic bishops,” George Stallings explained.