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  • The blog header depicts an important and yet mis-understood New Testament scene, Jesus flogging the money-changers out of the temple. I selected it because the faith that gives us consolation can also make us very uncomfortable. Both Divine Mercy and Divine Justice meet in Jesus. Priests are ministers of reconciliation, but never at the cost of truth. In or out of season, we must be courageous in preaching and living out the Gospel of Life. The title of my blog is a play on words, not Flogger Priest but Blogger Priest.

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  1. in our country we have vaccine mandates and vaccine passports are coming Are they the Mark of the Beast ? The unvaccinated will not be able to shop other than necessities ,eat out etc .does it sound like Revelation ?

    FATHER JOE: I would make no connections or assumptions about these political decisions other than a desire to keep people safe.

  2. Father Joe, I have been sitting on this page writing and deleting and re-writing over and over to basically ask you a simple question. My question is this; I have heard that if I was to wear a pendant of Thors Hammer or something from Mythology or a comicbook that, that would be blasphemous towards God! Why can’t someone wear something that maybe gives them strength and also Love God? I think some people may find it easier to find strength in a character or something but at the same time Love God. Maybe I’m totally wrong, but I thought as long as your not worshipping these things (which maybe thats where my problem lies is not knowing what worshipping something truly means.)
    Thank you for your time.


    Just as children might wear costumes at Halloween, many adults who are fans of certain comics, movies or TV shows will dress up like their favorite characters. If all this is just to have fun there is no issue. As I recall I once had a replica of the Green Lantern’s ring.

    However, an image from mythology or of false deities should not be a source of “strength” for a believer. I cannot imagine how an image of Thor’s Hammer would lead you to a more sincere “love” of God. First, we should be mature enough to distinguish between fantasy and that which is real. Second, a confusion of the two lends itself to sinful superstition.

    One might be edified by a good story of courage, even from fiction or myth; but delusion is a symptom of a sick mind. Iron Man, Dracula, Superman or Thor, Merlin or He-Man have no real existence and thus cannot intervene in human affairs outside of the imagination. By contrast, Christianity would argue that the God of the Jews that is further revealed by Christ as a Trinity is real and is the source for all life. There is an infinite distance between the intentional and the real.

    False worship would include placing any dependence or trust in false deities. It seems that you would place confidence in Thor’s Hammer and find strength in a superstitious talisman. We must not do that.

  3. Hi Fr. Joe,
    I feel very mixed about the new Texas law banning abortions. While I am pro-life and in favor of finding ways to end abortion, this law seems a bit crazy to me having citizens be vigilante and going after each other. I really wonder if this law will ultimately save any lives, but instead cause a lot of turmoil and chaos. Women who are seeking abortion are often scared and in difficult situations. Instead of going after them, why not find ways to love and support them so that they can choose life? Women who can afford to travel will go out of state, and younger, more vulnerable women will turn to whatever means necessary in their desperation.
    Many in my church are celebrating this new law, but it feels wrong to me. How can we criminalize women who are likely just in need of love and support? What lengths will these vigilantes in the general public go to hunt down women who have had an abortion?
    My question is, is it wrong to feel that this law is a big mistake in its design? Is it wrong to not support a law like this against abortion? Are we as Catholics bound in supporting all laws against abortion no matter what the cost or fall out? Thank you.


    I really have not followed closely the developments in Texas about the controversial abortion law. What most perplexes me is that while abortion proponents are up in arms about a ban that limits abortions to the first six weeks; where is a comparable national angst for states like New York and Maryland where children nine months in the womb and ready to be born can be terminated? Here it is still called abortion while it is actually infanticide.

    I am not clear as to whom the private citizens in Texas might be who would enforce or report on illegal abortions. While you mention the criminalization of women, it is my understanding that the desperate women cannot be prosecuted or sued. Indeed, the whole matter seems financial and targets the abortionists. I really cannot feel sorry for those who make their money by killing children. Neither should you.

    I would prefer a return to the laws as they were enforced by states prior to 1972. Should not abortion be criminalized if it is logically a category of murder or manslaughter?

  4. Father,

    Is it immoral to not to homework? If it is, is it also immoral to not do homework that was due a long time ago (eg more than 1 month)?

    FATHER JOE: If your vocation is currently that of a student then you are morally obliged to fulfill the requirements of that state-of-life which includes class attendance, study and homework. Further, if you are in a school that is selective and costly then wasting your opportunities is wrong on several other levels. First, someone who could benefit and would make the most of resources would be in the school in your place. Second, if tuition and grants pay for your education then it is stealing not to make the most of your opportunities. An education is a privilege that should never be taken lightly.

  5. My boyfriend/fiancé passed away three weeks ago from a horrible car wreck. He suffered 5 days in the hospital fighting for his life. His spinal cord was broken and he suffered immensely before passing. My family and I prayed the rosary novena when he passed. Is it ok for me to pray a rosary everyday for his soul? I love him so much, and believing that he is at rest with our Lord is the only thing that comforts me.

    FATHER JOE: I am so sorry for your loss. Was there a Church service for him? In addition to the rosary, you can contact a rectory and ask for the priest to offer a Mass for his intention. Most places ask for a $10 donation but clergy will still do it for you if you cannot afford it. You can also get a holy card to send to friends and family, informing them about the Mass. It is scheduled from the regular daily Masses said by the priest. The spiritual fruits of the priest’s intention can be applied to the living and the dead. He is only permitted to take one paid stipend Mass per day. The names are sometimes said from the pulpit or altar, most often they are written in the parish bulletin. A copy of the bulletin can also be saved and shared. The rosary and the Mass are the usual ways in which we make intercession for the poor souls in purgatory.

  6. Why do some Christian scholars claim that heaven is a symbolic or metaphorical place not a physical place where only the soul exists.

    FATHER JOE: What “Christian” scholars say this? Are you sure they are believers?

  7. Father,

    Are buying cheaply and selling for a more expensive price, that is, profit through sales, plus usury, sinful actions? Didn’t Saint Thomas Aquinas condemn both in his summa theologica?


    FATHER JOE: We should not take advantage of people. However, there is a subjective element here as when an object is rare or has a variable intrinsic value, like a painting.

  8. Dear father ,this is the sort of article that has me so worried .Your thoughts please ,and many thanks

    ‘Interview with Bishop Scneider -Covid rules may be a pre figuration of the Mark of Beast ‘ It is at life site news.

    FATHER JOE: Bishop Athanasius Schneider has made many statements that are hard to harmonize with the teachings of Pope Francis and others. Given that he seems to spend so much time in the West, I am at a loss as to how he can satisfy his duties as an auxiliary bishop to Archbishop Tomasz Peta of Astana, Kazakhstan. The population of Latin Rite Catholics has been much reduced from a quarter of a million to 60 thousand out of a population of three-and-a-half million (after the fall of Communism and the return of German Catholics to their native country). Nevertheless, given that the archdiocese only has 17 priests to care for 34 churches, you would think he would have enough to keep him busy there.


  9. I would like to ask your thoughts on how God views me and any advice is welcome… I had a marriage within the faith that my family approved of but he became abusive very quickly and left once he had had his fill physically and financially of me thankyou

    FATHER JOE: Are you remarried outside the Church? I am not sure what you are asking. Do you think God blames you for a failed marriage when your spouse was abusive and abandoned you? If such is the situation, the fault would seem to be his. God loves you. Our Lord came into the world to reconcile us to him and to bring healing. I will keep you in prayer.

  10. Does the Church allow cremains to be divided in two separate urns to be buried next to two spouses? My first wife of 30 years died over ten years ago and I remarried. My current wife and have been married over eight years. I want to instruct my children to do whatever the church allows in my situation.

    FATHER JOE: While cremation is allowed, the Church still prefers the burial of the body. The Vatican confirmed in 2016 that if one is cremated, remains are not to be scattered on the ground, at sea or kept in urns at home. The guidelines specify that the cremated remains should be kept in a “sacred place” (singular) as in a cemetery location. You should talk to your local priest but I suspect you will have to choose one or the other, not two burial locations. Remember that the Church teaches the resurrection of the body. Peace!

  11. Why did God create the world?

    FATHER JOE: God made us to know him, to love him, to serve him and to give glory to him in this world and the next. We are the stewards of creation. While we consciously offer God thanks, praise and service; the rest of material creation gives glory to God by simply existing. It is a manifestation of his power to create from nothing and to sustain his creation. God freely chose to create from his infinite goodness.

  12. My mother and sister have both passed away, and I’m considering walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage for them during this holy year. My understanding is that the holy year indulgence can pass to the dead. Can I walk for both? Is it possible to walk under two holy doors …one for each? If I’m able to I’d like to. Is iThank you.

    FATHER JOE: Read here . . . https://oficinadelperegrino.com/en/pilgrimage/plenary-indulgence/

  13. So full disclosure I’m a pretty firm Atheist. As firm as atheists tend to be as while we are pretty certain God doesn’t exist. We also can’t be 100% certain.

    Regardless, something occurred to me recently. People, including myself tend to find it hard to fully conceptualize geological time scales. That the Earth is 4billion years old makes the span of human existence a blink of an eye. Things like evolution are often hard to see in the day to day or even single lifetimes.

    What occurred to me was that presumably if God created the universe he also exists on a similar timescale. And if that is the case, arguments for God’s existence and his influence on things can be easily misinterpreted both ways. Both for and against.

    I.e., he may have had a hand in directing the evolution of humans. We are unique in many ways and many combination of ways if not the specific things themselves. I.e. intelligence has evolved independently a couple of times. But none have dominated the world like us.

    However, this is where the time scale stuff comes in. God may have spoken to people say 10,000 years ago. Made a few impacts about what we believe and all sorts. But 10,000 years is like a minute in earth time. Imagine you put something on the stove and then go to the toilet and by the time you come back it’s gone to space.

    What I think this means is that God may exist. He may have done many things. But by in large everything religions specifically belief and have written is obvious hogwash. Or so muddled from the original message that it’s not helpful. But it also means, alot of the counter arguments for Gods existence are similarly problematic. I.e. why did he allow slavery? Probably because he went on a short break and we did that ourselves.

    Curious what you think?


    The Catholic faith would argue that God does not exist within a cosmic timescale. The notion of God as the Creator must include everything that is spatial and temporal. While he can extend or give existence to created things, he is literally existence itself or the great “to be.” While we can fabricate or make things from prior existing materials; God creates everything from nothing. He also sustains his creation from moment to moment. Creation is not viewed as a passive event lost in the past of a largely unchronicled historical narrative. Rather, God actively creates and views all creation from the perspective of an eternal now. The providence of God is not one where he predicts the future but where he sees and has an active intervention in the entire timeline from beginning to end. He is also viewed as the Creator of spiritual beings (angels) that know duration outside of time. What that exactly means we cannot say since it is beyond the horizon of experience for mortal humanity.

    The argument from intelligent design would indeed contend that God intended the emergence of mankind from lower organisms. The Church took exception to Darwin because he posited the evolution of the human soul. The Church contends that while the body could have developed or evolved, the soul was directly infused by God with the first man (and thus a body) capable of being actuated by such. It is argued that the self-reflective awareness or consciousness of humanity points to something in our make-up that is not material. While the body might be destroyed, this soul as a spiritual entity, would be indestructible and would survive corporeal death.

    The message of Christianity is that the infinite and omnipotent deity choses to come into relationship with men and women who are the stewards of his material creation. The incarnation, God becoming man in Christ, signifies a joining of the Creator with his creation. Yes, the distance between us and God is vaster than that between the ant and a man; and yet, God loves us and desires to share life with us. Yes, it is a mystery that he should care but he fashioned us to respond to him— indeed, we were wired for God. Christianity speaks of a fall where an immediate sense of God and our relationship with him was lost. Nevertheless, ancient cultures with little or no interaction had men offering sacrifices to a god or gods they did not yet understand or had forgotten. God would intervene so that we might know him, but such takes place in a process of progressive revelation leading to the incarnation. The establishment of the Church is to sustain the relationship and to allow for further reflection upon the truth.

    Violence, oppression, indeed all natural and moral disharmony is viewed as a consequence of the fall or rebellion of mankind. Sin brings death and suffering into the world. Christ brings healing and mercy. We can know forgiveness even though our brokenness continues to plague us until the final consummation. Such is permitted by the passive will of God that makes allowances for human freedom— both in its use and in its misuse.

    You mention slavery and yet while once allowed in the pagan, Jewish and Christian world, today the Church is one of the loudest voices against the trafficking of persons and the reduction of human beings to the level of commodities. Indeed, from the womb to the tomb, people should not be treated as things and have a sacred dignity. This appreciation comes from a reflection upon the Gospel of Life given us by Jesus. The seed was planted by the Lord and the truth comes to flower in time. The stirrings are seen in the apostolic age, where St. Paul commends a slave as a brother and says that in Christ there is neither Jew nor Gentile, male or female, free or slave— it might take a few centuries but the writing was on the wall. The legacy of the Bible may only go back a few thousand years, but God does what he does in his own good time. Modern men go back maybe 200,000 years. Civilization as we know it is about 6,000 years. They might have been short and hairy, but scientists tell us that the first humans emerged from Africa about two million years ago. Such a time scale makes the life of a single man or woman seem insignificant and yet Christ accomplished his redemptive work in three years of ministry in a life of thirty plus years. Then he gave us the offer of eternity.

    You began by referencing cosmic time that is even more mysterious— going back some 14 billion years to the big bang (first theorized by a priest as the big hiccup). And yet, behind and beyond it all, this universe and any parallel universes (if string theory is to be believed), there is a God, more than the clockmaker of the Deists— but one willing to dance and sing and celebrate with his ants.

  14. Hi Father Joe,
    My niece is getting married soon. Both she and her future husband are baptized Catholics but are now practicing Evangelical Christians. They are very active in their faith and have been receiving marriage counseling through their church. They will be getting married in a far away state and some family will not be able to attend. They plan on coming to visit these family members who are still Catholic. The question we all have is: can they also have a small wedding in a Catholic Church with a Catholic priest when they visit the family?
    Thank you.

    FATHER JOE: At least one of them would have to be a practicing Catholic in good standing. They would need marriage preparation as well. Given what you say, I do not see how it could happen. Sorry.

  15. Dear father , There are a least a couple of bishops who say that we definety can’t take the abortion tainted vaccines and seem to connect the vaccine with a cooperating with the devil to put it simply .I find this worrying as increasingly restrictions are being placed on the unvaccinated relating to work ,shopping,travel like in the biblical mark of the beast .Do I just ignore these ideas?i am afraid to be vaccinated in case it is the mark and I go to Hell .I understand the churches teaching on the matter and would normally obey with no problems .
    But terror has taken over my life .I am not doubting the Churches teaching .

    FATHER JOE: The USCCB and the Pope are telling you to take the vaccine. There are many other medicines and vaccines that are similarly problematical. But given remote agency they are still permissible when there are no viable alternatives. I would recommend taking the vaccine. Risking your life and the lives of others would certainly be sinful.

  16. My guests came on Sunday and I missed Holy Mass to prepare everything for them. So, I watched mass online. I read somewhere that watching Holy Mass online doesn’t fulfill obligation. Have I commited a mortal sin?

    FATHER JOE: Watching Mass does not fulfill the Mass obligation. But I think God understands when people and things complicate life. That which would be mortal would likely become venial. Make a good act of contrition and remember it for confession.

  17. Hi Fr. Joe,
    Today we heard the gospel reading now a man should leave his parents and cling to his wife and the two will become “one flesh”. I’m in the middle of filling out the petition paperwork for an annulment after getting divorced in January of this year.

    This reading got me thinking about my circumstances. When an annulment is granted, is it basically saying that the marriage was never valid and that the husband and wife were never “one flesh” from the beginning? This thought really stirred up a lot of sadness within me as this process has been extremely difficult. None of this is what I ever wanted as far as having such a broken marriage. I’ve been told that an annulment will certainly be granted because of my circumstances, but even after all I went through in my 22 marriage, I am so grateful for the 3 wonderful children that came of my marriage. I have many conflicting feelings when I think an annulment would basically say that we were never validly married.

    Thank you,

    FATHER JOE: The expression “one flesh” means many things. While it might sound crass, it also serves as a euphemism for the marital act or vaginal sexual intercourse between a man and woman. Given a more sacred appreciation, it refers to the bond that such intimacy establishes between a man and woman. C. S. Lewis thought that there was a movement toward such intimacy even outside of formal marriage, whenever a man and woman engaged in sexual relations. It was one of his arguments against casual acts or fornication. He argued that we are not wired to treat sexual acts in a capricious manner with multiple companions; indeed, it fragments the person with something of him or herself given away to multiple partners, each seeking a fulfillment or completion that it cannot find. He urged that couples should be guarded so as to keep this joining of persons as something cherished in marriage. The Church views the “one flesh” in similar terms but also noting a sacramental union or bond. The couple are the true ministers of the sacrament and thus the reality of the union rests with them— their honest intent, their freely expressed vows, their faithful ability to keep their vows. An annulment signifies that while even a priest or deacon likely witnessed the vows, there was something defective in this joining of the two into a sacramental bond. Thus, the lawyers and Tribunal seek out grounds, such as immaturity, addiction, deception, incapacity to live the married life, etc. Yes, this means that while there was a legal marriage (and thus all the children are legitimate), it was not valid in the eyes of God. If a marriage is true before God than no Tribunal, not even the Pope, can make it otherwise. If an annulment is granted, one might be free to pursue a true marriage with someone else. If denied, then the person must either reconcile with the original spouse or live a chaste single life.

  18. is captain kirk a christian ?_________
    did you talk to him about jesus ?______

    FATHER JOE: William Shatner comes from a Jewish family.

  19. Father,
    I am suffering a crisis of faith. I still remain and identify myself as Catholic, but I feel confused, wondering: “Is Catholicism the true religion?”. I firmly believe in One God who guides us and I want to surrender myself to the Truth and live faithful to my beliefs and moral commandments. I think this is due, at least in parts, to psychological problems. I have been suffering a lot many months after many months because of isolation, lack of friends, a course I hate on university, among other things, and maybe I want to be 100% sure about the veracity of the mysteries of the faith. Is it possible to someone be 100% sure about natural and sobrenatural knowledges?

    But my two questions are the following: (1) When I have enough faith, am I bound to go to confession because of loss of faith? Plus, I think that I am not acting against my conscience, but I don’t want to go there and the priest say: “You don’t have sin”, (2) If I pray to God, asking Him to lead me to the true religion if Catholicism is not true, would I sin? I think this would relief me.

    Thank you!


    People of faith can question and search but still remain steadfast. As Christians, we place our confidence in Christ. We may not always understand, but we trust the Lord and his promises to us.

    Identifying oneself as a Catholic is what many do, but other than the spiritual effect of the sacraments and the juridical status as a member of the Church, this only scratches the surface of Christianity.

    If Christianity is genuine then the pedigree of Catholicism as instituted by Christ should be sufficient. Otherwise, how could you believe that there is one guiding God or that there is objective truth or that the commandments are anything more than human constructs? A rational crisis of faith would be a dance with atheism and the possibility that we are only a cosmic mistake and even the numbers we trust may mean nothing from one dimension to another.

    Yours is something else entirely. When the problem is mental or psychological, then the person needs something more fundamental than answers. I can share my experience of the Lord as loving and forgiving; however, you have to be open to such an encounter for yourself. How can you be disposed to a life-changing relationship with the Lord when you are walled off from him and others? Look at the words or terms you use: “crisis,” “suffering,” “isolation,” “lack of friends,” etc. You do not want answers or perfect assurance; rather, you need a way out of your box. We are social creatures. Note even our Lord called to him the apostles. What you have to find is “peace,” “joy,” “community,” “friendship,” etc. The latter words are also how we speak about the Church and our communion with Christ.

    Your questions are nonsensical. First, you cannot reckon faith as one would the amount of coins in a sack. Faith may be little and weak or vibrant and strong. Faith the size of a mustard seed, we are told, could move mountains. When our Lord speaks of “little” faith, he really means almost none at all. The Jews place faith in the law given them by almighty God. Christians place faith in the person of Jesus Christ. Go to confession when you are in mortal sin. Yes. Go to confession when you have venial sins. Yes. Either way, you always need grace, both when you are on spiritual life support and facing eternal death and when you are in right relationship with the Lord but your soul has the sniffles. Second, if you are not in the true religion then to what God are you praying to find the true religion? This is all nonsense. You need to seek counsel and personal healing before pursuing any dialogue of faith. I wish you well— many prayers.

  20. Hi Fr. Joe,
    I recently found out that a priest from my college days was laicized a number of years ago. He was very dear to me through my undergrad and grad years. He even came out to my hometown to preside at my wedding. We fell out of touch when I became a busy mom, so I hadn’t heard this news. I don’t know the specific details that resulted in him being laicized…nor do I need to know, but it saddens me, and I will pray for him.
    I was curious about something though. Is he still a priest? As far as I know, the Sacrament of Holy Orders leaves an indelible mark on the soul that cannot be removed. When a priest is laicized for any reason, does this mark remain?
    Thank you,

    FATHER JOE: Laicization of a priest is a canonical designation. While the man remains a priest forever, such a man has been stripped of his faculties and privileges as a priest. He is treated as one in the lay state even though he is in Holy Orders. Indeed, in an emergency, he might still offer absolution. Separate from this is a possible dispensation from the promise or vow of celibacy.

  21. Father, what type of sexual intercourse is ok before marriage? I’m going into that time in my life where everyone is having penetrating sex. And I as a Christian have always been against said type of sex until marriage. But I’m curious, if my girlfriend were to just touch me and we were in ze nude but we never committed penetrating sex, would it still be a sin? If we just even exposed our selves to eachother would it be ok? I’m a devoted Protestant and I really would just like to know what’s ok and what’s not in Gods eyes. Because we love each other but we don’t want to go too far until we get married. Can anyone help me with this? Because half of every one says that it’s ok and the rest say it’s not. Thank you for your time Father, Dio vi benedica


    “Father, what type of sexual intercourse is okay before marriage?”

    None, it is the marital act and belongs exclusively to the covenant of marriage. Sexual intimacy outside of marriage is sinful. Couples in courtship should exhibit modesty.

  22. Hi Father,
    My friend just had twins and she wants to raise them to be catholics. She was never officially baptised into the Catholic Church and neither is her husband, who’s an Orthodox, more specifically an Old Believer. Can she still baptise her children into the Catholic Church or should she be baptised first?
    Also, will it be possible for both the godparents of one of her children to be Orthodox, or will one have to be a Catholic?

    FATHER JOE: At least one of the parents would have to take formation and become a Catholic. The other spouse should be supportive of the move (not just baptism but their subsequent religious instruction toward the sacraments of penance, first Holy Communion and confirmation as they mature). If both parents should enter the Catholic Church then they would likely belong to the Eastern rites as the affiliation normally follows the rite of the Father. While an Orthodox believer can serve as a godparent, at least one of the two should be a Catholic in good standing.

  23. Hello Father,

    If someone is unable or not wanting to get vaccinated is it a sin for them not to wear a mask even if their state does not require them?

    Where I live masks and mostly not required for anyone but rather recommended. I know many Catholics are split on this issue and there are scientists who even say that wearing masks is ineffective. Does the church have an official statement on this? Or is it ok for an unvaccinated person to not wear a mask as long as it is not required?

    FATHER JOE: Is it reasonable to assume that wearing masks will benefit us and others in preventing contamination and the spread of the virus? If so, then the failure to do so is not only foolhardy but ultimately the choice of death over life. Right reason and charity would have us embrace the common good as revealed through both natural and divine law. If failure to wear a mask signifies a violation of the truth and the love of neighbor then YES, it constitutes sin.

  24. You might condone the sin by smiling and nodding when the person tells you about it. Or by saying it’s OK.

    But you say that even if you did this you would only have the obligation to correct the scandal you’d given if the person was your friend?

    Further, I know there is an obligation to make fraternal correction when there is an occasion of harm caused by the sin. So, if someone told you they were due to have an abortion, you would have to at least say something. But would you also have to correct everyone you came across who held pro abortion views, or just those who you knew were committed to actually having an abortion in a particular situation?

    FATHER JOE: What it is for which you are looking? Do you want to be condemned for every moment of cowardice or indecision? You are over-thinking this and thus tying yourself into knots. I certainly feel that as a good Catholic you should not be afraid to let it be generally known that you are pro-life. That will take care of most matters because anyone contemplating an abortion will likely not come to you for advice or assistance. Material support for such a crime would indeed be sinful. You would not be morally obliged to tattoo a pro-life or anti-abortion banner to your forehead. Peace.

  25. Hi,

    Is it wrong to talk to dead people? What I mean by this is sharing your thoughts with deceased loved ones, but you’re not expecting a response. For example: Is it okay to go visit someone’s grave and just tell them about your day, and about your feelings? Is that considered sinful? Thanks.

    FATHER JOE: Such one-way conversation is okay. The problem is the occult where the living seek two-way communication with the dead.

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