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  • The blog header depicts an important and yet mis-understood New Testament scene, Jesus flogging the money-changers out of the temple. I selected it because the faith that gives us consolation can also make us very uncomfortable. Both Divine Mercy and Divine Justice meet in Jesus. Priests are ministers of reconciliation, but never at the cost of truth. In or out of season, we must be courageous in preaching and living out the Gospel of Life. The title of my blog is a play on words, not Flogger Priest but Blogger Priest.

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  1. Father,
    Can anyone make spiritual communion during Mass in person? This includes non Catholics, excommunicated and people in mortal sin. Are all the people who make spiritual communion supposed to kneel?

    FATHER JOE: Not everyone who seeks a spiritual communion, in whatever setting, will necessarily receive the graces that would normally come with the sacrament. One must still be spiritually disposed, i.e., a believer in a state of grace. Bodily posture is not definitely required or significant.

  2. Science project.

    This is a study on why people cannot grasp the concept to teach common sense on planet earth, And to teach common Sense we need to ground everybody on truth and discredit the lies that people believe in, because it’s not common sense to believe in a lie and it’s not hate or disrespect to bring understanding to make everyone see the truth but it’s more disrespectful to deceive somebody or allow those people to live in deception, even if revealing a hard truth will have a serious effect on their emotions. The first lie we have in this world that science can discredit is the LGBTQ, now keep it simple, because the 1st piece of evidence we have is that humans only reproduce one way, male/female there is no intelligent reason to go against nature and claim that you are correct, and they justify their beliefs with emotions, and emotions cannot bring no intelligence to the table to discredit that is not against nature yet they are “proud” about believing in a lie?? It’s a serious problem when humans believe in a lie on that level because common sense becomes more evasive,and ‘love is love’ does not discredit science and a transgender is a lie that DNA can discredit, but unfortunately people decided to bend the definition of science for the liking of people and named them transgenders. But everybody knows it’s physically impossible for one gender to transform into the other gender and make up and a dress does not define a female. And it is not intelligent to point out the actions of animals and use that as a excuse to abuse sex act like one. We have intelligence for a reason but the LGBTQ likes to hang up rainbow flags to mock intelligence it’s the reason why this continues to be a problem in our world today is because the LGBTQ attacks others for seeing the truth in the lies that they believe in with the homophobic and transphobic label. but this is not fear or hate, how could it be fear or hate for seeing the truth for what it is? And it’s not right to attack people who see the truth, this is about respecting intelligence and defending intelligence because defending a lie only opens the door for it to be discredited. And the results of this science project is going to be intelliphobia. Because people are going to become intelliphobic and hate or fear this truth. And that is not intelligent but many will be infused with their emotions and they will allow their own emotions to do their thinking for them, yet they cannot bring any intelligence to the table and discredit what I said but but instead get mad and hold on to that anger and their emotions and go out of the way trying to justify their beliefs with no intelligence to discredit what I said or to prove what they believe in is true. This is proof how emotions can be a very destructive in the way emotions control how people think.

    Note, Alethophobia, uncountable, is the dislike or fear of the truth. Unwillingness to come to the truth or facts.
    So this is not Alethophobia, because people are going to HATE and fear this truth. Dislike and hate are two different emotions.
    So this is Intelliphobia. ( The official naming of the word pending)
    Note, keep it simple and do not let the emotions of a group of people overshadow the bigger picture, it’s knowing how to teach common sense, this is something that has never been known to the world. And that knowing will take humans to another level of intelligence. Example, ‘LITERALLY’. The word ‘LITERALLY’ is born out of bias because in the beginning not all literature was true yet people belittled the ones who didn’t know how to read with illiterate (you illiterate fool, you know nothing!), and then came the word literally being defined as actually but not all literature is true so the definition of the word literally is false and the human language morphs from slang and laziness. So keep it simple, you don’t know everything, And the fact that the word literally is false is proof that this world needs common sense, and this science project will reveal how the intelligent species on this planet will react to the truth. Some will see the truth for what it is others will become intelliphobic. And the Antidote for those who suffer from intelliphobia is TRUTH.( The truth takes longer for some people, depending on their emotional state of mind) Because no matter what you believe or feel it will never discredit this truth so there is no point in wasting time and energy going against something you can never discredit.
    The government has a responsibility to the people to stand by this truth and not allow people to be left in deception, if the truth is revealed at a younger age they will not become infused with that belief and end up acting out in a non intelligent way that opens the door for a negative situation to happen, unless they can think above their emotions. Keep it simple. Truth is truth.

    FATHER JOE: As a Christian I believe truth is revealed through nature and the sciences, through reasoning and philosophy and through revelation and theology (divine positive law). Those who propose variable genders beyond male and female are also wrong in my reckoning and that of the Church; however, while the truth must be proposed or taught without compromise, it should also reflect human respect, charity and compassion. We are told that the truth will set us free but there is also the saying that truth hurts.

  3. It seems the world is flat and the sun orbits around the earth! I understand that spilling a man’s seed is sinful but what if there is no seed and no erection possible after prostatectomy. After 55 years of marriage and 4 children, now any form of sexual pleasure is a mortal sin. Why would a loving God impose this on a couple who miss the pleasure of a physical relationship?


    Why would a young husband have an injury that paralyzes from the waist down?

    Why would a man and twelve young children lose their wife and mother to cancer?

    Why would a child be born with Downs and have to struggle with special needs?

    Why is it that we can suffer a worldwide pandemic that has killed and permanently harmed millions of people?

    Pray about the meaning of sacrificial love and our place as wounded people in a broken world. Here is another question for you . . .

    Why would God send his only Son into the world to suffer and die for sinners who worry more about their own pleasure than the demands of charity?

  4. Dear Father, as the Church has stated that we can receive abortion tainted COVID vaccines, do we ignore bishops who say we can’t take them?

    FATHER JOE: All the vaccines to a certain level are compromised. The most notable is the Johnson-and-Johnson offering. It is for this reason that the USCCB gravitates toward Pfizer and Moderna. However, the prohibition is not absolute “if alternatives” are not available. It is not merely a question of Church authority and one bishop versus another. The moral permissibility is based upon an objective standard and traditional right reasoning, not the “anything goes” of liberalism. Catholic ethicists (experts in their field) assure us that the compromised cell lines from aborted tissue are “significantly distant and remote” to make the vaccines permissible. Such reasoning is what permits people in conscience to take a whole host of vaccines, as for the flu and hepatitis. Added to the equation is the urgent need to vaccinate as many people as possible against the virus and its many variants. The goal is to save lives. The Church leadership is largely speaking with one voice about this but sometimes there is confusion with qualifications about remote agency and our culpability. All the bishops want to keep our people safe during the pandemic while not watering down our resolve to oppose the great evil of abortion.

  5. Hi Father

    How long is the sin of scandal presumed to last?

    For example, if you appeared to condone a serious sin such as sex outside of marriage to a friend, you would have the obligation to correct what you said to remedy the scandal.

    But if this was done a month ago would you still have to make an effort to speak to your friend to remedy the scandal? How about two months? A year? Is there a cut off point?


    FATHER JOE: How would you condone it? Such would require more than friendship with such people. The sin of scandal is principally that of the couple having sexual intimacy outside of marriage. It remains until there is repentance and change of life.

  6. Hi Father,

    I have a question about annulment.

    I was married some years ago, civilly. This is because though I was baptised in a Catholic Church, I was not raised a Catholic. I also come from a dysfunctional family where my father has serious mental health issues and committed acts of domestic violence/sexual assault upon my mother throughout my life (up until 5 or so years ago when we put a stop to it). This greatly affected me, as I needed to be home a lot to protect her. My father also had a very controlling personality and restricted me in many ways. E.g. in choosing a university course I wanted to do after school. Due to low self esteem, I ended up doing a tertiary course of his choice . This left me depressed with no motivation for any future career goals, etc.

    Around this time, I met a man who I thought was nice. He was very manipulative and charming, and pressurized me to get married quickly, mainly because his visa was expiring. I agreed because I was young and vulnerable, and we were married civilly.

    Before my son was born, I was fully initiated into the Catholic Church. The priest suggested I do a marriage blessing ceremony which took place in a Cathedral.

    Fast forward to now. The man I married turned out to be a terrible man with no responsibility. He was unwilling to properly financially support the family, he chose to work 2 days a week for over 10 years. He also was negligent- he brought my then 3 yr old son to his friend’s house, where he took a nap and his friend ended up sexually assaulting my son. My now 15 year old son has recently developed a severe mental illness due to the trauma of that event and school bullying around it being disclosed.

    I have lived separately from this man for nearly 11 years now, but we are not formally divorced. He is now blaming me for our son’s mental illness, as though I had moved away from him for no reason, breaking up the family. I could no longer stay with him, as he ran away for days on end, when he could not pay for bills and the mortgage,leaving me without proper funds. He fails to identify the lifelong psychological trauma that childhood abuse causes.

    He recently has been saying negative things to me about my bringing our two kids to church. For over 7 months of this year, he contributed next to nothing for his kids expenses because he got fired from his job due to misconduct (the pattern of losing a job has been repeated many times by him) .

    I would like to divorce him at some point. Is there anything in the above that would be grounds for annulment?

    Thank you Fr for reading this.



    Marriage over issues like expiring visas always sets off warning bells for me. I have seen this go wrong over and over again.

    Let me get this straight— you were baptized as a child, civilly married, and then fully initiated into the Catholic Church (penance, confirmation and Holy Communion). Okay, but what do you mean by a “marriage blessing ceremony”? Do you mean a convalidation where you repeated vows before the priest? If so, then you are regarded as sacramentally married in the Church. If you mean a simply blessing among many couples, it would mean nothing because one cannot bless sin. The priest would know this so I suspect you mean convalidation.

    At present you have been separated from him for eleven years. If the marriage were not convalidated in the Church then you would need no further grounds as civil marriages between Catholics are not formally recognized. If as I suspect the marriage was convalidated (not blessed) then the marriage is regarded as authentic by the Church from that date onward. Formal grounds for an annulment would require evidence of coercion, deception, and/or incapacitation (an impediment) to fulfill responsibilities of marriage. The neglect may be symptomatic of this but just being a bad spouse and failing to protect your child might not be sufficient. Your pastor can assist you with this. Most often in the U.S., the divorce is acquired prior to the annulment. (Many feel it should be the other way around.)

  7. Hi Father, long story short is I’m learning a foreign language and using an app where you can talk to natives of whatever language you need.
    The problem is that (and I know this is going to sound ridiculous), maybe due to being in company with people with scrupulous tendencies, I’ve got myself to the point where i’m feeling like i’m sinning by talking to any women who message in order to practice their English and help me with my Spanish, because of the concept of occasion of sin, and its affecting my sanity if I’m honest. They are totally innocent conversations too. Could you please advise me on this?

    FATHER JOE: Yes, it does sound ridiculous.

  8. Hi Father, hopefully quick question: I make rosaries and am trying to come up with a new name for my shop. I also sell jewelry made from beads that I have left over. Would it be disrespectful to Our Lady to name my shop something using her name, such as Ave Maria Designs? I’m having difficulty coming up with a name and I like that one, but it feels like using her name to sell things might be questionable at best. On the other hand, it does tell the buyer what kind of store it is. Thoughts?

    FATHER JOE: There are many vendors that use religious names to denote selling sacramentals or books. It should be okay as long as you make nothing blasphemous.

  9. Hello Father,

    For last two years I have experiencing a lot of coincidences. And like they are showing me some kind of meaning. Like last night suddenly I was just going through the things I collected after months. I saw a friendship band was broken. It was given by that friend whose birthday was just a day ago and I forgot about that. I felt like It symbolises how much I am desperate to break all my past relationships and run from them among new people. Every time when I found something most often It falls in 2017 like this year is stuck with me. I remember the first personal diary which I used to treat as friend has the same year 2017 just the difference that I used it in 2018. The no. 7 and other specific numbers and dates appear again and again.

    FATHER JOE: Do not do this to yourself. You are racing down the rabbit hole to madness. Stop looking for signs and codes in nature. The providence of God is not wired that way. You are falling prey to delusion.

  10. Thank you father. About the pens… did I make proper restitution or do I need to find a way to return this handful of pens?

    FATHER JOE: I would say forget about the pens.

  11. Hi Father,
    Can you clarify a few things for me? I recently retired. Over the years I had ended up with a lot of company owned blue pens. I kept them in my work bag because I prefer them to black pens and didn’t want to lose them. I kept them for use at work, not to bring home and use, though many ended up at home because I would need a pen and take it out of my bag and forget to put it back. Also, I printed stuff at work instead of at home (CE, etc) to save on paper. Before my last day I purchased a large box of blue pens and a ream of computer paper and left them at work. Just before my retirement party I found a group of pens and paper clips in a pocket of my bag and gave them to a colleague to return to work. Today I was emptying out the bag and found another stash of pens. Do I need to find a way to return them? It wasn’t premeditated theft, I just never noticed that pocket before I retired. I work in a hospital and cannot get into the pharmacy anymore. If I just keep these does it mean I have failed restitution or am guilty of theft?

    Secondly, during prayer I remembered a few people I wronged during college over 30 yrs ago. Two of them I don’t remember their names for sure, but one I do. I embarrassed him at the dinner table during band camp. His sister was a friend of mine and i have an address for her, but no mobile phone. (There is a land line). I don’t know for sure she still lives there, as I haven’t spoken to her in who knows how long. I might be able to try to get in touch to see if she would connect me to her brother, but she might be reluctant to share his info. I have decided to fast today for reparation to those people and God for the offenses. Is that adequate, or do I need to try and contact this guy to apologize? My husband says “he’s a guy, he probably forgot all about it”. Any insight would be helpful. Thank you.

    FATHER JOE: He may have forgotten, but you have not. Prayers of reparation for such things would suffice; but if you should ever happen to meet again, a private expression of being sorry might make you feel better. (Of course, I cannot speak to the guilt you feel. It is up to you whether to call or to send a card. Depending upon what was said and done, sometimes it is best not to reopen old wounds.)

  12. if you just started learning about a saint and feel really close what does that mean

    FATHER JOE: I don’t know, maybe kindred spirits?

  13. Hello Father-
    I am curious how a Catholic Priest can reconcile supporting pro abortion democrats with the beliefs of the Church. It seems to me to be a bit hypocritical when some desperate parishioner is doomed to excommunication for having had an abortion, and the politicians and lawmakers, who support abortion right up to birth, are not facing the same fate. I have been struggling been struggling to make sense of this.

    FATHER JOE: It makes no sense because it cannot be reconciled.

  14. Father,
    About 2 years ago, I got a scapular because I was very afraid of hell. Since this time, I have had little devotion to Our Lady, though I show much respect to her, as she is not any woman, but the sinless Mother of God. Some people feel beloved children of Mary, but I feel like she is only mother of them and of God, and like she is away from me, though I recognize by intellect that she is mother of all faithful, but only by intellect.

    Months ago, I made the decision to take off the scapular, as I don’t want to involve in superstition treating it as an amulet which will save me from hell. Should I use it again?


    FATHER JOE: The scapular is a sacramental denoting a special relationship to Our Lady as patroness. This requires proper enrollment by a priest and devotion.

  15. Hello Father,

    I am a long term Catholic that has dedicated my life to working as a public school teacher. I love my job and the children I get to impact. I also love my faith and what we stand for. My question has to do with our local and state union. In Nebraska, most school districts are a part of the Nebraska State Education Union, which is also affiliated and a part of the bigger National Education Association. Typically, I believe that teachers join these unions because they do assist in bargaining for teachers salaries, insurance, safety issues, providing legal support if and when that would be needed, etc.

    My question is that as a Catholic, I am a firm believer in the pro-life cause and dislike that the National Education Association supports women’s right to choose. I just don’t understand why they have to get politically involved if their number one concern is students and teachers. I recently changed school districts and will be asked to join my union in a few weeks. My question is, can Catholic teachers morally join these unions? Is it considered remote cooperation since you are joining for the positive reasons I mentioned above? I am just so confused and don’t want to let God down.

    Thanks so much Father!

    FATHER JOE: Any complicity in agency is clearly remote; but note that you cannot legally be made to sign up.

  16. Considering how little the average priest probably earns, this is very impressive:

  17. Hello Fr.Joe,

    I have a question. Do you know the reason why a priest can deny the sacrament of confession? I requested an appointment and the priest sent me to the other one in the same parish.

    FATHER JOE: If he directed you to an associate priest in the same parish then you were not denied. You have no grievance.

  18. Father, is it a sin to sell something for more than it’s “worth”? I know the idea of worth this is quite subjective and something is generally considered “worth” whatever someone will pay for it. So I’ll give you an example. I’m not working right now, but I’m quite good at selling things that I buy and turning a profit. Whether it’s a garage sale, Craigslist or even brand new items from stores. I spot a good deal, I buy the item. Then I take beautiful photos and create a post and resell it. I don’t lie and say that it’s a brand name that it’s not or anything like that. But I do feel guilty about it sometimes.
    Recently I bought some brand new patio furniture and sold it for double what I paid for it. And we bought a boat motor and sold that for double. This has really helped our savings account while I’m not working. But I just wanted to get an opinion on it. It’s my understanding that it would be sinful if I was lying or manipulating someone. Or if I was taking advantage of someone in need of the item I was selling and deliberately raising the price. Or if I was selling bread for double to someone who was poor and starving or something like that. But when it’s a general post on Craigslist or Facebook and people seek me out to buy the item at my advertised price, is this okay, even though I paid less for it?

    FATHER JOE: It sounds to me that you already have it about right. You do not want to take advantage of people but those who buy from you on Craigslist or online must still have thought it was a bargain. You are also charging for your time in finding and fixing up the item for sale. You are correct that the value for certain things, especially when not essential, are highly subjective and volatile. For instance, the market value for a new set of the Complete Works of Mozart (225 CDs) I wanted jumped from three hundred to fifteen hundred dollars—way out of my price range. A first edition Superman comic might go for millions. Art work can go for staggering prices at auction. I had a friend, long before the internet and online buying, who ran a book search business. One paid not only for the book but for her time and trouble in finding it through her national contacts. You are doing something similar, at least in principle.

  19. Father, do the dead have a right to a good reputation? I ask this because a family member of mine died recently. She did A LOT of things during her life that were toxic to other people. She is also suspected of killing her own husband. There are significant reasons for sharing this information with my two children who are at odds with each other. But I don’t want to do something wrong to attain a good. I would appreciate your advice, Father.

    FATHER: I can only give you a few elements upon which to reflect. It may be that sometimes things must be discussed for the sake of justice or for closure. Too often the living feel safe to speak ill of the dead when there is no necessity. What troubles me most about this is that those who run their tongues about the maladies of others are often blind to their own failings. I have to wonder if there is any measure of forgiveness that would allow them to pray for such people. Further, those who are disliked or feared by one group may be revered and loved by another. Those who love the departed will take personally any negative conversation and they might be permanently estranged from family and friends because of it. If there is no evidence of murder, and the poor woman is innocent, then those who gossiped about her would definitely be guilty of calumny.

  20. Dear Father, I know this is long, but I need your help. I have wondered, is listening to subliminal messages a sin? I have listened to subliminal messages in YouTube videos for a long time. A subliminal message contains hidden repeated messages that you can’t hear. It is claimed that they are able to manipulate the subconscious mind to eventually make the person change according to the repeated messages. It can be anything like changing physical appearance, “attracting” luck, or getting a boyfriend. . .

    I listened to these subliminal messages believing they can change my appearance. Sometimes I listen to others so as to get lucky. I felt it was wrong so I quit it and went back to listening to the one that changes physical appearance. That was until I discovered it might related to a weird spiritual practice like believing in the “power of the universe” and “vibration energy.” I did my research. Some people, including Christians, said it was okay to listen. Others said it was a sin. I was confused and not sure if it was a sin or not since it was not specifically mentioned in the Bible. When I asked someone, I was told that it was related to the New Age movement. I decided to stop listening, only to return to it again, convincing myself that I can choose to believe in the scientific side of it and not believe in the “power of the universe.” Since I have a feeling that this is a sin, but there is confused answer over it, I convinced myself that this is not a sin to continue to listen. Sometimes, I thought of going to confession to confess it but did not know how to do so. So I chose to not confess and to continue in convincing myself that this is not a sin. Recently, I was assured that it is really related to the New Age movement and decided to never return to it again. But now I am troubled in my heart. I need to know whether I have committed a mortal sin? Did I deliberately hide this sin in confession by doubting it as a sin but did not know how to confess? Did my confession become invalid? What should I do? This is complicated. Please help me.

    FATHER JOE: I first explored the use of subliminal messages back in the mid-1970’s where they were popularly used in advertising. Words and images were flashed quickly so as to be registered only by the subconscious mind. Sometimes word triggers were hidden in clear view as with the words “SEX” hidden in ice cubes. As for verbal messages, I encountered this phenomenon with rock music in the 1980’s where messages were hidden in songs. In some cases, vinyl records had to be played backwards to clearly hear this clandestine communication. Evangelical Christians perceived in this an effort to plant demonic seeds for rebellion or faithlessness in listeners. While there is evidence for the effectiveness of biofeedback and the manipulation of people by associating products with the passions or other desires, I really doubt you will see anything but the most accidental changes in appearance— as with how you dress and comb your hair. You are messing with your mind. Are you a young and impressionable person? I wonder because I have a hard time imagining that any mature and sensible person would swallow such nonsense as you discuss. Even if it were true, why would you invite mind control by persons unknown? Do you not see how this is incredibly stupid and dangerous? And yes, while pseudo-science might be involved, it is mostly New Age quackery. Stop being a fool to such garbage. If you perceived it as a form of magic then YES confess to your priest the sin of false religion and superstition. Break your addiction to this nonsense, accept who you are, work for what you want and give up the childish fantasy of idle wishing and self-deception.

  21. My friend TOLD (not asked) me to be Godfather to his newborn .
    I have issues w/the friend because he brings my spirits down with disrespect, asking me to smoke marijuana and buy marijuanafrom him, and once in a whle physically threatening.

    He laughs at me and my dreams when I talk about them and recently said things like I’m waiting for my parents to pass to collect money. He doesnt respect me enough to listen to me when I say dont call me after 10pm and contacts me after midnight after i say not to and says words and phrases I repeatedly tell him not to. Recently I’ve blocked him on my phone and blocked him from contact and said Id talk to him soon.

    I am religious but he has brought down my spirits for years and I dont know what to do. Thanks


    FATHER JOE: Don’t be religious, be holy. If you actively pursue God’s grace in loving obedience to the Lord then you may be a worthy godparent to the child. Your thoughts should rest with the child more than with the father and his sins. Might God want you to be the sponsor so that the child might have a worthy witness of faith?

  22. Father

    A few weeks ago my teenage daughter said she was sick and didn’t go to mass….I didn’t believe her at first…the next day she still complained of being sick, I took her to the ER and she had Tonsilitus. The next Sunday she still didn’t go to mass because she told me the Dr said to rest up….then we both went to mass the next Sunday. I brought up the situation to our pastor and he said she could receive communion. I now agree that that first Sunday because she had or was succombing to Tonsilitus was cleared…but thr second Sunday was questionable to me…previously I had encouraged her to go to confession just in case but she did not because she said she was sick…I buy that for the first Sunday but the second Sunday not so much…assuming that is what the Dr told her …she is 18 so I don’t know what he said or how she interpretted what she said. I want my daughter to get to heaven…so it worries me. I don’t want her to think she can judge herself without asking the priest…he said it was okay but if he was wrong…would she be in mortal sin or is she truly excused because he is the pastor? Another issue happened this Sunday…she did not attend mass because she said she had diarrhea and then got her period….I asked her if her diwt was affecting her and that a bad period is not always an excuse to miss mass…that she should go to confession. She is mulling this over….she doesn’t like confession but I have told her many times that no one particularly likes confession but without it it is the only way we know for sure at that moment that we are forgiven and God forbid if we were to die get to heaven. At any rate for all these ocassions I asked her to make a good act of contrition and watch mass on the internet…which she said she did. I worry because she will be going to college….she will have to do this on her own….I feel there were a few times that if it wasnt for me taking myself and her to Confession she would be in a bad state. What should I do if she beleives that she doesnt need to go to mass whenever she “feels” sick….I am 45 and in my day you had to be on your deathbed almost…I am exaggerating a little not to go to mass….whether I felt good or not I don’t even remember my parents always took me to mass. I have always taken her as well…but it is getting harder and the so called convenience of Covid 19 watcg mass on TV didn’t help either….thanks

    FATHER JOE: I can appreciate your concern for your daughter, but as an adult what she chooses to confess to a priest is her private affair. Even as a priest I am wary of unwarranted intrusion into the personal lives of others. As to whether she was too sick on either occasion to participate at Sunday Mass, that too was her judgment to make— not yours. You are right to be concerned as to whether she will continue the practice of her faith in college. But to be frank, there is little more that you can do. As long as she lives under your roof you can let her know that there is the general expectation that she will live her faith and attend weekly Mass. But it is really too late to dictate her life as if she were a child. The time has run out in the faith formation you offered. Now you must hope and pray you did enough— and trust her.

  23. Hello Father,
    I have recently come back to my Christian faith and I have been trying to reconstruct my life as much as I can to following the way of God, and I’m struggling with some old habits and trying to determine if some of those habits are sinful. My question for you is it okay to smoke marijuana?

    FATHER JOE: I would urge against addictive drugs but there are many opinions about marijuana. I would say that if it is illegal then you are morally bound to avoid it.

  24. Hello
    I have heard it many times that we will die. In the Apostle Creed it says he Will come to judge the living and the dead. If Jesus comes now many Will still be alive. Please explain.
    God Bless

    FATHER JOE: There is both the particular judgment (at death) and the last judgment (at the final consummation). The second coming of Christ will likely find some who have never died. They would be judged and translated to the afterlife without knowing physical death.

  25. I was taught right that sex was the unforgivable sin and anyone doing it for any other reason then to reproduce was on the Royal Road to Hell. As a young teenager I was certain medical science would discover a way people could have babies without committing sin. I thought it out to be outlawed and anyone caught doing the “Big Dirty” should be severely punished. Didn’t really think that through to it’s logical consequences. I remember hearing sounds when I was a kid: Dad begging and Mom saying Please, Honey, Don’t.
    Although there have been some married couples elevated to sainthood, virginity and celibacy are the main requirements for sainthood.
    I’m afraid my major form of entertainment during the lockdown was watching porn and masterbaiting. However, I didn’t Instant Message this horney truck driver that I know, but I am still ashamed to go to confession or I want to get somewhere far away to do it.
    Hoping that soon we can do on-line confessiion via Zoom.
    I still love the lord and go to Church regularly.


    You were taught wrong. Genital sexual expression belongs to the covenant of marriage between a man and woman. It consummates the bond of unity or sacramental bond of oneness. The marital act is directed both to the generation of new human beings and to the joyous fidelity of the spouses. This latter reason is why relations remain a marital duty even when reproduction is no longer possible. However, this sexual expression must always be that “type of act” that would normally result in offspring. The conjugal life of men and women in marriage signifies a holy vocation of love. Your curse as the road to hell what is actually a good that will help bring married couples to heaven. Be careful not to curse what God has made as it comes desperately close to blasphemy against the Spirit.

    Human sexuality outside of marriage can be the source for serious sin, especially when holy passion is replaced by lust. It is in such cases that the personhood and value of the beloved is corrupted to selfish utility and the other is reduced to a commodity.

    You are very much deceived in thinking that human sexuality is bad or inherently sinful. Placing hopes in a medical science that would replace vaginal intercourse with other procedures like insemination, test-tube babies and possibly artificial incubators would itself be grievously sinful. There can be no involvement of a third like a medical technician in the conception of a child. The child is rightly conceived by a loving human act, not through laboratory intervention. Further, while incubators might be developed for when certain women cannot physically continue in carrying a child to term, the conception with the semen and egg must under pain of sin take place in the womb with natural intercourse.

    Virginity and celibacy are disciplines that ennoble religious vocations, but you are very wrong and possibly mentally ill to condemn our humanity and what God in his eternal wisdom created. What has poisoned or dirtied your mind? What has turned you against our mortal nature? Only certain puritans and gross heretics condemned marriage and human propagation. What or who twisted you to such poisonous notions? How can you write what you do and not hate what you are?

    At the end of this month we will celebrate the memorial of Saints Joachim and Ann, the parents of Mary and the grandparents of Jesus. It was through natural sexual intercourse that Mary was conceived. The great mystery of the Immaculate Conception occurred when she was conceived in the womb. A pattern continued through history only broken with the overshadowing of Mary by the Holy Spirit. All others from Adam and Eve to Abraham and Sarah to Zechariah and Elizabeth brought forth children of promise and prophets from the love of men and women— a spiritual, emotional and physical love.

    Your condemnation of this love is most sinful. Look at the universal catechism or the Theology of the Body taught by St. Pope John Paul II. I will pray for you.

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