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  • The blog header depicts an important and yet mis-understood New Testament scene, Jesus flogging the money-changers out of the temple. I selected it because the faith that gives us consolation can also make us very uncomfortable. Both Divine Mercy and Divine Justice meet in Jesus. Priests are ministers of reconciliation, but never at the cost of truth. In or out of season, we must be courageous in preaching and living out the Gospel of Life. The title of my blog is a play on words, not Flogger Priest but Blogger Priest.

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  1. Hello Father,
    In the past, I have not believed in God. I have mocked and hated him and I am afraid I might have committed the unforgivable sin. I now have accepted God and repented for my sins, but I’m still very afraid that I might not be forgiven. Is it possible to be forgiven ? Can I accept the Holy Spirit, even if I mocked him? Thank you so much for answering.

    FATHER JOE: The unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is only so for as long as we designate as demonic the work of God. Repentance makes possible the forgiveness of any and all sins. A change of heart opens us to saving grace. How can the Lord save us if we impugn his name and condemn his miraculous power? Contrite hearts open us to divine mercy.

  2. Hi Fr, I was out with a friend shopping over the weekend and as a joke I suggested She steal something, but I was joking. But she did. Am I to blame also?

    I have emailed the company offering to pay the amount.

    Thanks for your time


    FATHER JOE: Did your friend know you were joking? You may not be culpable but you should urge your guilty friend to make restitution.

  3. Hello Father Jenkins, very quick question. I am wondering if I need to go to Confession or not tomorrow for one thing. Basically, recently I was online and had seen a picture that was slightly covered although I presumed that the image contained immodest content. I then decided to open it and when I saw that it was in fact what I thought it might have been, I closed it and hadn’t went back on it since. I am wondering if this would be considered a mortal sin or not since I had not lusted to it although I had purposely opened it.

    FATHER JOE: Probably no sin at all.

  4. Hello father,

    I have a child with a man whom I separated from when they were six months old. Our child is now 4. He is married but separated from his wife 15 years ago, from a civil ceremony. She left him for another man and is in a relationship with him still. Since we separated I have been baptised. He is not a believer. I want my child to grow up with both parents, but I don’t know how to proceed from a faith perspective. Can he divorce and us marry? He has said he is open to this. Or should I remain single? Many thanks.

    FATHER JOE: If he is a Catholic then the civil marriage could be declared null due to a defect in canonical form. If neither he nor his wife are Catholic, then the civil union is still regarded as binding. A full annulment case would have to be pursued. The canonists would not touch the matter unless there is a divorce. Having said all this, you should not marry this man simply for the children. Marriage is the bond between a man and woman who love each other. It begins there. Peace!

  5. I just had a tattoo removal session and really wanted to not leave the house for several days (keeping my arm uncovered to help with the scabbing)……would it be ok to ‘watch’ Mass on TV this weekend?
    To leave the house this weekend I would have to shower/wash my hair and I really HAVE to keep this arm DRY

    I usually go to 6 am Mass to AVOID as many people as possible so in order to accomodate keeping my arm dry I would have to get up at 4:30 since the Church is 30 min away.

    Would watching Mass on TV be a mortal sin? any kind of sin?

    FATHER JOE: Watching Mass on TV is not a sin. You have to judge whether you are physically up to attending Mass in person or not. If your reason is sufficient then there is no sin. If you are purposely making excuses because you could go but would rather not, then yes you are sinning seriously.

  6. Hi Fr. Joe.

    As Catholics we believe that we need Confession for forgiveness of sins, and the Church teaches that we need to die in a state of grace to make it to Heaven. I have a little trouble with this. Most other Christian denominations do not have Confession.

    Catholics cannot be the only ones who make it to Heaven, so how is this explained? What could be said if a Catholic converts to a Protestant denomination (without Confession), but lives a good, true, faithful life to God? What about those who are Jewish? Not all religions have access to the Sacrament of Confession. So, how can it be that it is necessary to die in a state of grace to make it to Heaven. Thank you,

    FATHER JOE: One who has been raised a Catholic will be judged as a Catholic if he should defect to another congregation. We accept the efficacy of most Protestant baptisms. This links them, even if tenuously, to the Church. Jews are still people of the covenant and God keeps his promises. As for Confession, it gives us assurance of forgiveness as members of the Church. The sacrament of penance with absolution makes possible many graces of healing, actual and sanctifying grace. However, the penitential rite of the Mass forgives venial sins. A person in serious sin can still make a good act of contrition and know God’s mercy, even if a priest is not available.

  7. Hi Fr. Joe,

    I’m curious to know if God and/or the Holy Spirit can dwell in a person who was never Baptized. Can someone who was never Baptized make it to Heaven.

    Thank you,

    FATHER JOE: God can save whomever he wills. All we know is that the normative way begins with faith and baptism.

  8. Dear Father,

    I am a 78 year old widower who is seeing 68 year old widow. We are both
    practicing catholics. Our relationship has developed to a point where we have
    professed our love for one another. We enjoy being in each other’s company, and
    love cuddling together (hugging and kissing). We stay clothed and try to be good.
    We know that sexual intercourse outside of marriage is a mortal sin. At my age I
    cannot sustain an erection or have an orgasm.
    Last night while passionately while hugging and kissing I knowingly placed my hand between her legs and touched her private parts. She quickly pulled my hand away. My question. By my placing my hand on her private parts did I commit a grievous / mortal sin and should I confess this during confession?

    Thank you,

    FATHER JOE: Such would be the “matter” for mortal sin but subjectively I cannot say. In any case, make a good act of contrition, apologize and make sure you are still on good terms with her, and when you can take it to confession. Your relationship would benefit by the graces of the sacrament. If the two of you should decide to get married, let your priest know. Age is no absolute barrier to love.

  9. Thomas that was very well written. Father Joe you appear to be being willfully ignorant even just starting out that insurance doesn’t matter if the child isn’t born. The MOTHER is the one needing the insurance. You are so determined that your anti abortion stance is the end all be all you are not engaging in the needed conversation. This is a huge part of why your religion is dying.


    Catholicism and overall Christianity may be in a struggle but I would not say it is dying. Those in the past who sought or hailed the destruction of the Church were later surprised by her resilience. We will weather the storms that come our way because we have the greatest “insurance” of all and that is the promise of Christ.

    While I would certainly support adequate insurance programs to cover the medical costs of those who need it, the matter of medical coverage lacks specificity in regard to a moral issue like abortion. The ignorance is yours because many current insurance plans place a premium on contraception and the termination of problematical pregnancies. The protective focus of insurance should extend to both the mother and to the unborn child. The fact that this is often not the case is precisely part of the problem. The moral diffusion that you propose is part of the strategy used by those who are pro-abortion and even by a few that feign being pro-life when such is not the case.

    Let me rewrite part of your comment in the manner of how I immediately interpret it, “You are so determined that ‘your stance against murdering children’ is the end all be all that you are not engaging in the needed conversation.” Hum, what you mean is compromise. Sorry, I will not support in any way the killing of children. It is precisely where the discussion should begin.

  10. Hi father, I converted to being Catholic 3 years. Since my kids were young, we’ve celebrated the Easter bunny, santa, the tooth fairy and leprechauns. As I’ve grown in my faith, I’ve become convicted that it seems wrong to lie to my kids that these mythical creatures exist. Yesterday I told my 7 year old the tooth fairy does not exist, and she said I ruined her childhood. She keeps asking me if fairies exist at all. From what I read, fairies/elves/leprechauns are demons in disguise. So no, these creatures don’t exist, but demons do. Are my kids (7 and 6 years) too young for me to tell them about demons? Isn’t it better for me to tell my kids the truth, instead of lying about these pagan aspects of holidays? I’m trying to follow the Holy Spirit, and I don’t want to set my kids up for further trauma by continuing to lie.


    Just as C. S. Lewis could make up the world of Narnia and J. R. R. Tolkien could have his hobbits and so much else, there is nothing wrong with sharing the fanciful stories from fairytales, the Easter bunny, Frosty, Santa, and more. Indeed, the imagination and myths can sometimes be the vehicles for truth. I grew up with all this and yet even when I put these things away as the things of childhood, my faith in the Christ in the manger and on the cross has grown all the stronger. As a sick little boy I loved the story of Pinocchio. He wished and prayed that he might be a REAL boy. Suffering terrible asthma and always sick, I related to him when I prayed that I might run and play with the other children— I also wanted to be a real boy. I would not say that the fanciful is necessarily lying as it is “an extended pretend” that gives joy to juvenile hearts.

    Catholics are not fundamentalists. Fairies, elves and leprechauns are not demonic as they have no real existence. However, they can be metaphors for the things of God that do exist. I have read a number of folktales where leprechauns defend the true or Catholic faith. I read a commentary some years ago where a cardinal of the Church rendered that the fairy that appears to Pinocchio is actually his guardian angel. Pinocchio struggles with obedience and sin. But note that just as he suffers the consequences of sin and becomes more bestial than human, it is sacrificial love for his father that eventually transforms him into a real boy. Such is the measure of grace.

  11. Father Joe: This question was prompted by the communion controversy.

    Pro-life is much more than pro-birth. Trying to remove the health insurance of millions of people during a pandemic is not pro-life. Applying the death penalty to thirteen federal prisoners is not pro-life. Racism does not promote the dignity of persons, nor does separation of children from their parents. Lying about the severity of a pandemic, that results in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths, does respect the sanctity of life. Giving preference to persons that enter the USA by airplanes, and overstay, over those who walk across the southern border, fails to respect the dignity of persons. Persons that do not respect the sanctity of marriage should not led a pro-life movement. Unbridled sex, that can result in pregnancies, are behaviors which do not support the sanctity of life.

    The basis of this controversy is political, i.e., pro-life versus pro-choice. Unfortunately, this issue can not be separated from all other relevant issues regarding sanctity of life and the dignity of persons.

    Millions of dollars have been spent over the past forty years of political strife to support the pro-life position and has not advanced the effort much. I am one of those who has spent a lot of hundreds dollars in this effort. If, however, all the money were spent by persons that hold that life is sacred, would have invested in the children, by supporting the pregnant women, providing for their housing, for their health care and for their financial support, I believe there would be fewer abortions and I believe the effort would manifest a culture of life.

    The following quote was taken from a blog on your website: “Indeed, it [Eucharist] may be all that really stands between us and the legions that oppose the sanctity of life and devalue the dignity of persons.” Father Joe, if the eucharist is all, then what is bein implied about persons that vote as a Democrat, i.e., not to strengthen pro-choice, but rather, to address all the other issues that strengthen the sanctity of life and the dignity of persons?


    It is true that pro-life is more than pro-birth, but it still begins with birth. Unless you are allowed to be born, the issue of insurance is mute. Unless you are allowed to be born, then you will never be able to make good or bad decisions that may have you ending up in prison or worse. Racism may prevent you from being born but it otherwise has no further meaning if you cannot escape the womb. The greatest separation between parents and children is not that of immigrants at the border but parents who do not care enough to give their children a chance at life. Lying about the personhood of the child in the womb is a far greater crime than those who deceive themselves about needed precautions during a pandemic. The failure in logic that we hear again and again is that the things you mention are “either-or” when they should be “both.” Further, we are all obliged to obey just laws (as with national security) and to fight bad laws (as with the killing of children). We further must distinguish between pragmatic policies and that which is always objectively immoral. Yes, the hedonism that fractures marriage bonds and leads to unwanted pregnancies is wrong just as the condom and contraceptive pill giveaways promote such bad behavior leading to the destruction of the innocent. The right to life of the unborn has become a political issue where in a just society abortion should be off the table. While we can argue for the incommensurate value of human life, it is hard not to see a hierarchical rendering— this is what the bishops mean when they speak of abortion and the sanctity of life as a “preeminent priority” in any listing. The late Mother Teresa argued this as well, associating the sin of abortion as a catalyst for the threat of nuclear destruction.

    Planned Parenthood would rank as a Fortune 500 business if everyone were honest about its abortion agenda. This is where much of the money has been spent. Financially, you are looking at the question from the wrong side. Most of the pro-life resources have gone into crisis pregnancy centers, women’s shelters, etc. The Church and other pro-life agencies provide women and families with the medical and fiscal help they need. I can speak to this as one long engaged in this cause.

    As Catholics, the Eucharistic Christ is precisely what stands between us and the legions (inferring the demonic) that shy away from the REAL presence and saving power of Christ. There is an intimate association between this presence and those in his likeness hidden in the womb. Other pro-life concerns flow from this truth and cannot be lost in the mix.

  12. Good day, Father.
    Is the following statement acceptable for Roman Catholics to believe? I stumble over the final phrase saying that Mary is even over the Heart of God.:

    “The power of the Immaculata is the power of God without limitation, because she is without stain, and her power extends over all things, like the goodness and power of God. Therefore, prayer is powerful, in fact boundlessly powerful when it appeals to the Immaculata, who, because she is Immaculate, is almighty Queen even over the Heart of God.” (KW 1302)
    Thank you
    Xavier Thomas


    This reflection by Kolbe needs parsing: “The power of the Immaculata is the power of God without limitation, because she is without stain, and her power extends over all things, like the goodness and power of God. Therefore, prayer is powerful, in fact boundlessly powerful when it appeals to the Immaculata, who, because she is Immaculate, is almighty Queen even over the Heart of God.”

    Only God is truly almighty and Mary, as the Immaculate Conception, is his most precious of creatures. Mary’s role must be seen in the dual movement from heaven to earth and from earth to heaven. God as the Trinity reveals himself to us and he intervenes through the measure of an uncreated love that joins itself to us and makes possible a response in love from creation. As part of salvation history, there is a movement from creation, the fall, the promise and the ultimate restoration in Joseph, Mary and Jesus. The focus here is again love, albeit the sacrificial love of Jesus that suffers the cross and conquers the grave. The sinless vessel (the Immaculata) through which the All Holy One enters the world is at the nexus of these two movements.

    Unencumbered by sin, the power of God works in her. Her power is really that of her Son. Her heart beats in harmony with Christ’s. Her will is in complete harmony with the divine will or providence. This gives a quality to Marian prayer that far surpasses that of any other sanctoral intercession. Her heart is that of a mother and that motherhood is forever more. She will always be the Mother of the Redeemer, and by extension on Calvary, the Mother of all the redeemed. The notion that she is queen over the heart of God signifies no particular superiority— just that as the Mother of God she is the Queen Mother to the kingdom of Christ. Everything that Mary is and has comes from almighty God. Hers is the heart of a handmaid, even in heaven.

  13. Hello Father! I have a question about growing in our Catholic Faith. Through the years I have come to better understand my faith, this includes a better understanding of confession. Recently, I learned that for sins against the 8th commandment, you are to try to make reparation.

    As someone who tends to be scrupulous, going forward I will do my very best in this area, but I wanted to check on a few things.
    1. Does this generally mean mortal sins against this commandment since we are not required to confess venial sins?
    2. When we come to a new understanding of our faith like this, can we move forward with this new information without being required to go back over the last 20 years of confessions and figure out how to make reparations now for the past? I know that for people that are scrupulous we are typically told not to look back at old confessions at all, as that can cause further scruples. I also know that we can grow in our understanding of what constitutes serious sin as we grow and typically we are not required to go back and confess to things we didn’t know were mortal sins at the time, so I was assuming this would work similarly but wanted to check.

    Thanks so much and Blessings to You!

    FATHER JOE: If our deception has maligned someone’s good name or reputation then you should seek to restore it. Lying by deliberately withholding mortal sins from confession signifies a bad confession. However, over 20 years you are likely not able to remember all your sins and thus you do the best you can. The sacrament cannot require you to do the impossible, especially in regard to restitution.

  14. I have a question I technically know the answer to, but need reassurance. I’m sorry for mistakes – English is not my first language. Can a person get married despite having their tubes tied. I’m very afraid of getting pregnant (it was said (by a doctor) it is possible that, because of the fact I was born way too early, some of my organs are already too close to each other, basically pushing each other and that is what causes problems, I remember doctor mumbling that I’m likely to have hormon related issues having to do with being pregnant etc…). I believe that it is possible that one day my fear will be gone, my mental and physical health will be much better, I’ll have enough money to try have it reversed and, if God makes me realize so, I’ll learn I want to and can try have biological children. Currently I’m considering partial adoption (helping a child financially, having some contact with them) and even normal adoption one day, if my mental health becomes good enough (I was and still partially am battling neurosis not treated for a long time). I really, really want to get married in a church anyway, be in an amazing relationship supported by God.
    I know the answers are: Can you get married? Yes. Should you try have it reversed? Yes. Will it be enforced? No, again – you should, but it is a decision a person should “grow” to, realize it is the best decision themselves, but they can get married, if they regret the sin.
    I want to make the best decisions, be a good person, but, at least now, I think don’t have enough strength. I really want to get married in a church and I know it is possible one day I’ll make the better decision but cannot be sure. Again, I’m sorry for asking a question I have seen multiple, the same, answers to, but I want to make my relationship with God better, I’m so extremely nervous, to the point of sometimes having troubles eating and breathing normally. I need a few words assuring that everything will be alright.
    Thank you for the answer in advance.
    Also, whoever is reading this, if you have a piece of your prayer, in which you could pray for me and people in similar situations, so that they are helped with their health and best decisions are made easier, more obvious for them, I would greatly appreciate that, and I’m sure others would too.

    FATHER JOE: This is probably going to sound harsh. I am sorry. I would urge you to get beyond your fear of childbirth if you intend to get married. While couples can get married if one of the other is naturally sterile, the deliberate intent to get sterilized so as to enter into a childless marriage is wrong. Indeed, it constitutes grounds in annulment cases. The question is asked prior to the vows if you are open to the generation of new human life. As a young couple you could not get married in the Church if this intention is defective or absent. This is regardless of any possible future reversal. This reluctance of yours seems more symptomatic of mental or emotional concerns than physical ones. Couples who get married should be mentally well and emotionally well-balanced. Marriage and family life are difficult and there are many challenges. It is doubtful that a union would be successful if you are already running away from the principal obligations. This may be the biggest hurdle you face to Christian marriage. Indeed, I would further counsel against adoption and the care of another until you have resolved your own personal problems. You make no mention of the man you intend to marry. How could you unilaterally make the decision to prohibit him from being a father? I will keep you in prayer.

  15. Hey father so I was talking to my parents and they said that they did not think that underage drinking(in usa without their supervision) was a sin. They said that as long as I don’t have hard alcohol, get drunk, or drive at all, then they seemed to not mind me doing it.

    Do you believe underage drinking is a sin?

    FATHER JOE: The violation of just civil laws is sinful.

  16. Yesterday I attended the funeral of my cousin at a Catholic church, and it brought to mind a question I have had. Why do Catholics consider the mass a sacrifice offered to God? Where is the sacrifice in it? I see communion as God’s gift to us, not something we give to God, although we honor God in taking it. As a Protestant I am always sad that I am not welcome to take communion at a Catholic church.


    The Mass is understood by Catholics from the earliest days as an unbloody re-presentation of the one-time sacrifice of Christ on Calvary. The two-fold consecration of the bread as the body of Christ and of the wine as the blood of Christ symbolize their separation as in death. The priest is configured to the person of Christ and speaks the words in the first person. Every Mass is understood both as a meal and as an oblation. It allows us as believers to be sacramentally present at the great mystery of our redemption. The altar table is often marble or stone as with a tomb. A crucifix stands near or upon it to help us appreciate that the altar is now the cross. This appreciation is not figurative but we believe that along with the Eucharistic presence of Jesus, the saving activity at the altar is real. The Mass allows us to enter into the paschal mystery of Christ (his suffering, death and resurrection). At Holy Communion we receive not a dead Christ but the real presence of the resurrected Lord behind the signs or appearances of bread and wine. We worship or adore the Eucharist because we believe it is Jesus and Jesus is God. It is not simply a fellowship meal. The sacrament does not simply represent Jesus, it is Jesus. What we remember (anamnesis), is made present. St. Paul spoke about those who receive unworthily, literally taking upon themselves judgment. Our Lord at the Last Supper gave the cup or chalice as the covenant in his blood. The Jews knew well that one could not establish a covenant with fake blood. Jesus makes himself into the new Lamb of God. Jesus speaks again and again at length in the Gospel of John about how his flesh is real food and his blood is real drink. When he told his listeners that they must eat his flesh and drink his blood to have eternal life, many walked away. It was too much for them. The very notion that this blood might be real was abhorrent to them under Jewish law. But it is essential under the new covenant of Christ that ratifies God’s promise and covenant of old.

    Protestants are not welcome to receive Holy Communion for several reasons. The sacrament signifies full unity with the Church. The AMEN response asserts that you are in a state of grace, that you are in full communion with the Catholic Church and that you believe what the Church teaches, especially about the Mass as a sacrifice and about the host as the real presence of Jesus Christ. The AMEN means “truly” or “surely” or “I believe.” The AMEN is a YES to the whole Mass and to the truth of the sacrament. It is not simply a matter of what but rather WHO is Holy Communion? We believe that it is the body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. It is the same Christ who walked the earth two thousand years ago and rose from the dead, substantially present. Given that Jesus is the Second Person of the Trinity (a divine person) we render worship or adoration to the Eucharist. There is even a ritual for this where we place the host in a monstrance for exposition. We bend the knee to the tabernacle that reserves the host. There is a vigil light or candle burning near it as a sentinel of Christ’s presence. Not believing in any of this as a Protestant, your minister would likely criticize reception of such a “holy communion” as idolatry. We would not want to make a liar out of you or compel you to receive something in which you do not believe. We would not want you to pretend a unity with the Church and a profession of her beliefs that you do not actually share.

  17. Father – I was raised that all boys and men go to Heaven and all girls and women go to Hell (because the unforgivable sin that Jesus talks about is being born female). But I have not heard that since I left my family and I don’t see it in Google search. Is it true? Thank you so much, and may you have a wonderful day!

    FATHER JOE: I hope you are kidding me. That is absolute nonsense. I cannot imagine a Christian parent telling such lies to children. The greatest human person who ever lived was a woman, the Blessed Virgin Mary!

  18. Hello father,

    I’m reaching out regarding marriage my husband & I are having a dispute about me going on a little getaway with a couple girlfriends, over the weekend sometime in the future. I don’t understand why and this has been a on going situation, I feel stuck & sometimes I feel I can no longer go on with this marriage, I am a mother of 3 under 3 & feel I somewhat deserve some away time from being a wife & mom for a couple days. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    FATHER JOE: There is nothing wrong with such a getaway as long as there will be nothing to cause scandal or to compromise the marriage.

  19. Regarding making reparations, I had a situation where a past bully in AA Told my coworker that he used to bully me and wanted to apologize to me. That was part of his making reparations. What he literally did however was embarrass me at my job in front of my coworker and put me in a situation where I had no choice but to say I for gave him or I looked like a total complete jerk. That was Actually continuing to bully me by putting me in that situation. Reparations have to be done in a such a way that you are not continuing to harm the person that you harmed in the past.

  20. Hello Father,
    Last summer, I came across something online about attempting to make reparation for sins of gossip. When I asked a priest about it concerning certain situations at the time, he said it can be hard to make reparation for these sins because it can cause further hurt towards those we already offended in trying to make reparation, so my best bet would be to move forward with the goal of not committing detraction/gossip.

    I have had other incidents since then and after analyzing those situations presumed I should handle them similarly to the advice I had already received, as I thought I could cause further harm to those I had offended. I did also do my best to speak kindly of those individuals when the opportunities arrived and also moved forward with the goal of not detracting.

    My question is, I saw failure to repair gossip on an examination of conscience (not the one my church uses). I tend to be scrupulous and want to make sure that my confessions were valid. I would never intentionally want to invalidate them by not making reparation, but I think I thought Father’s advice made sense in my other situations as well.

    Thanks so much Father! Blessings!

    FATHER JOE: You confessed honestly and followed the advice given you. As I see it there are no grounds to doubt the efficacy of absolution in those confessions. Changing one’s life, avoiding future gossip or calumny is also an element of reparation. We should dedicate ourselves to building up others and not tearing down. The trouble with cheap talk is that he hurts others and is riddled with deception. Christians should dedicate themselves to the truth.

  21. Good day Fr. I would like to ask. Is it a mortal sin ? if you watch or listen to an interview of a prostitute, though it doesn’t have sexual act, solely an interview, yet it contain sexual information about their job.

    FATHER JOE: I suppose it would depend upon whether the interest was one of social concern or just prurient curiosity.

  22. Hello

    During confession, I unintentionally stated the incorrect date of my last confession (off by 1 day). I did not realize it until later. Is the confession still valid?

    Thank you

    FATHER JOE: Yes, valid.

  23. Hello Father,
    What is your opinion on the recent bishop vote to rebuke Catholic politicians for receiving Communion despite their support for abortion?

    FATHER JOE: Read my posts from June 2021.

  24. Hello Father! I just wanted to ask, in praying the Our Father and Hail Mary, which one is correct, the old form (with THOU, THY, THEE, etc) or the new form? Thanks

    FATHER JOE: Did I answer this already? The answer is both are correct. Archaic or new, the words are less important than the value of prayer, itself.

  25. Hello Father,

    Sometimes it seems like out of nowhere I will remember things that I did years and years ago and it causes me great stress. Last I night I was thinking back 8-15 years ago when coworkers and I used to take girls trips now and then. We would all stay in the same hotel room, even though there were 5 or 6 of us. Of course, at this point I can’t remember many of the details like the year, date, who came each time, or even if I was always aware of the 4 person rule in most rooms. I was young and naive at the time and wasn’t ever the one to make the reservations.

    At this point, my thought was that the next time I go to confession I will mention it, I am not sure if I ever did? I also thought maybe I could make a donation to a homeless shelter or other Catholic Charity as a way to make any reparation for any possible monetary issues.

    I was wondering if this sounds adequate to you?

    Thanks so much and blessings to you Father!

    FATHER JOE: I am not sure what you did that was wrong.

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