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Same-Sex Marriage or Adoption Services

The Archdiocese of Washington has been forced to follow the path of Boston in terminating (or in this case transferring) its foster care and adoption services. I have dear friends who received their boy and girl through Catholic Charities. It was always an impetus of the Church to insure that the children went to good, wholesome and loving homes of faith. The District of Columbia City Council refused to refer the matter to a public referendum and denied religious exemptions to the new same-sex marriage law. Gay advocates will no doubt argue that the Church is abandoning the poor. The truth is that the Church was forced out of a valuable service to children and potential parents by the city government. Our services and personnel are being handed over to the Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) which has roots in the Baptist Church. How is it that they can do what we cannot? Does this mean that children for whom we formerly cared are now vulnerable to adoption by homosexuals?

Here is a portion of the press release from the Archdiocese:

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington transitioned its foster care and public adoption program in the District of Columbia to the National Center for Children and Families (NCCF) on February 1, 2010. Catholic Charities remains committed to continuing to serve the vulnerable of the District of Columbia through the 82 programs the agency operates in the region.

Although Catholic Charities has an 80-year legacy of high quality service to the vulnerable in our nation’s capital, the D.C. Government informed Catholic Charities that the agency would be ineligible to serve as a foster care provider due to the impending D.C. same sex marriage law.

This is the only program Catholic Charities anticipates will be impacted by the law.

The Archdiocese had a choice to make, collaborate with sin or remain steadfast behind the moral teachings of the Catholic faith. It is a sad day. Our adoption services was a wonderful complement to our pro-life efforts. It demonstrated that we were both about saving the child in the womb and about helping children already born and potential parents to find each other. Where there was once a partnership between the City and the Church; the City government has now chosen to create an adversarial relationship.

3 Responses

  1. No, your reasoning is wrong on several counts. What you say would have merit if such truths as the wrongness of abortion and of homosexual acts were relative. There are many things that a government might do with public funds with which we would object but still permit for the common good. But the problem that the Catholic Church has here is with the moral gravity which these evils represent.

    First, Catholics should not have their tax dollars spent on abortions, not simply because they oppose it, but because abortion is murder. There should be no murder of this sort at all. Everyone should oppose it. Abortion does not benefit or promote a civilized or healthy society.

    Second, just as secular humanists are wrong about abortion, they are also wrong about the moral neutrality of homosexuality. Such behavior is also a violation of natural law and is detrimental to marriage and the family (a basic building block to a good society). Having said this, few in the Church would want to initiate bedroom police. However, public displays of affection and so-called same-sex unions could certainly be prohibited. The Church cannot be coerced to formally recognize unions deemed immoral. Church officials have to investigate and pledge that adopting couples offer safe and wholesome homes for children. Given our view of homosexual acts, we could not give innocent children to people practicing perverse practices. That is why the Archdiocese was forced out of helping parents and children. Despite what a secular society might think, it is no wrongful discrimination to say that homosexuals would not qualify. Two representatives on the City Council have made their position clear. They will not be happy until the Catholic Church is shut down. All the thousands of people helped locally by the Church do not matter to them. All that concerns them is their anti-Catholic and hedonist agenda.

    It is a mistake to equate homosexuality with the hard-earned civil rights of African-Americans and women. Next we will be told that we cannot “discriminate” against pedophiles and those practicing beastiality. We have gone too far. We need to love our homosexual brothers and sisters, urge them to embrace celibacy, prohibit obscenity, and rebuild a moral society.

    The Church has always been a partner with government in the formation of a well-working and caring society. While there were clashes, we were often on the same page about right and wrong. This is no longer the case. Many religions have compromised themselves. Catholicism has remained consistent, at least in her teaching authority, about such matters. Unfortunately, many of the laity have been corrupted by secular society. Formation by the Church has often been insufficient to prevent widespread dissent and immorality.

  2. Just as catholics rightfully express exception to tax dollars being used for abortions so to gay people rightfully take exception to tax dollars being funneled to organizations engaged in discrimination.

    Catholic Charities can operate an adoption agency without tax dollars and then engage in its discrimination practices.

  3. I suspect that this is only the beginning. What will come down the road next?

    Will we be forced to put contraceptive and abortion coverage in our healthcare plans?

    Will we be required to hire active homosexuals to teach in our parochial schools?

    Will we be required to teach matters in our schools which conflict with Catholic teaching? Might this already be happening in some of the charter schools which rent closed Catholic school properties?

    Will our hospitals be required to distribute condoms, contraceptives and to either perform abortions or do referrals?

    Currently Catholic priests can officiate at civilly recognized marriages. Might this privilege be taken away if we refuse to marry gay and lesbian couples?

    How will all this affect St. Ann’s Infant Home (on the border between DC and MD) and Boy’s Town near CUA?

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