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Receiving Holy Communion at Home


Hello Father, my husband is a Eucharistic Minister and last Sunday he brought me home a consecrated host. I did not receive it immediately because I did not want to do so before “attending” an online Mass. Days have passed and now it has been 6 days with the host in pix on our home altar. What should I do at this point?  Is it okay to receive? I feel terrible. Thank you.


Your husband meant well but if I were his priest I would remove him from service as an Extraordinary Minister until such time that he was properly instructed about his service.  The host must be received by the communicant immediately.  It cannot be reserved in a private home.  He should have known this and he is morally culpable.  I cannot say what his pastor will say but it is a serious matter and should probably be brought up.  Tell your husband to give you the sacrament using the proper ritual.  If you will not take the host then it should be returned immediately to the pastor and your church.  Only priests and deacons are technically ministers of the “Eucharist.”  An Extraordinary Minister functions as an extension of the hands of his pastor.  We always tell Extraordinary Ministers that there can be no side trips or general conversations until their charge is dispensed.  They are to keep the sacrament with them until Holy Communion is given.  It cannot be left in the car or in someone’s home.  It must be consumed or returned to the parish.  It is a serious matter and pastors are ultimately accountable.  Any misconduct with the sacrament is regarded as an ecclesial crime.  There is no way to make light of this.   

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