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Saint Ann, Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary



GOD OUR FATHER, the beauty and the order of your creation was wilfully damaged by those who rejected your friendship. Undeterred by this ingratitude, your Son entered our world on a mission of mercy and healing. He walked among us as a divine physician seeking the lost and the strayed, curing the sick and the handicapped, mending broken hearts and restoring broken friendships, comforting the distressed and bringing peace of mind to the victims of sin. With the exception of sin, he too was the victim of suffering and anxiety. He knew fatigue and hunger and loneliness. In taking flesh and blood from the children of Eve, he honored Mary and Ann as mother and grandmother. From them he inherited eyes which behold the ills of man and hands which constantly reach out to bring healing to mind and body. In this novena of prayer, dedicated to Saint Ann, the friend of the sick, we ask her intercession to strengthen our faith that miracles of healing may continue to testify that the compassionate Jesus still walks among us. We ask him to bless us, today and forever. Amen.


DAY 1 – Glorious Saint Ann, by the special bond of affection uniting you still with your child, our blessed Mother, and with her divine Son, we call on your powerful aid to meet today’s pressing needs. We freely acknowledge our own sinfulness and unworthiness, and yet we count on your help, and promise ever to be grateful to you and faithful to God’s will for us. Amen.

DAY 2 – Dearest Saint Ann, teach me the value of prayer. When I pray humbly, earnestly, God’s hand stretches out to me; it takes hold of my hand, my mind, my will and helps me up the steep path that leads me to the goal he has set before me. Amen.

DAY 3 – Saint Ann, when I lose my way and lose sight of my Lord, show me how I can find him again; tell me where he wishes me to walk through life; help me discover in Christ’s teaching the light that will reveal to me the Father’s will, which is made manifest through his commandments, through my duties toward him and toward my neighbor and through the various circumstances in which I am called to work out my destiny. Amen.

DAY 4 – Saint Ann, when I lose heart before the hardships of life and the constant obstacles that I have to overcome, when I feel helpless before my bad inclinations, before my repeated struggles against the evil one and against a world that is constantly pulling me away from you, obtain for me from God, who is the source of all strength, the courage to remain faithful to him, never to pull my hand out of his hand and to overcome the countless temptations of the world, the flesh and the devil. Amen.

DAY 5 – Saint Ann, first of all, let me always keep burning in my heart the eternal flame of God’s love; let the unquenchable fire of God’s love for me forever keep alive in me a consuming love for the Lord and for my neighbor. Amen.

Day 6 – Dearest Saint Ann, whenever I am unhappy, inspire me to pray for happiness, for my share in the happiness of this earth; but, first of all, for the endless happiness that God has prepared for those who serve him with loving and prayerful hearts. Amen.

DAY 7 – Each passing day is a step forward on our earthly pilgrimage. Saint Ann, let each new day bring us deeper into the Lord’s knowledge and love. This is the goal of all Christian life on earth: that every passing day and every passing year should show us better the dazzling face of our God and urge us toward him in more faithful service. Amen.

DAY 8 – Saint Ann, the afflictions that befall our persons, families, cities and nations will be unbearable, unless you teach us how God’s merciful designs for man are attained through suffering. Keep reminding us that the only way that leads man to God and happiness is the way of the cross. Amen.

DAY 9 – Saint Ann, teach us how to love one another. Love alone can do away with the evils of disputes, riots and wars. Love alone can inspire men with a sense of equity and justice. It will tear down the barriers that divide men according to languages, colors and creeds, and will inspire mankind to live in mutual understanding. Amen.

DAY 10 – Thank you, dearest Lord, for this new day and for all the blessings it has in store for me. Thank you for the air I shall breathe, for the bread I shall eat. Thank you for the gift of light which will allow me to enjoy the beauty of the universe; for the gift of strength that will allow me to keep walking on the road of your commandments; for the gift of friendship and love which will sustain my steps and give warmth to my life. Amen.

DAY 11 – Teach me, dear Saint Ann, how to use every hour of this new day as a gift from the Father’s loving hand. Let me use the sorrows of life as well as its joys in order to spend this whole day in his service and for his glory. Amen.

DAY 12 – My loving Lord, give me light when I lose sight of you and of the way that leads to you; give me strength when I am weak and faltering under the weight of my aches, of my responsibilities and of my griefs; give me hope when I am tempted by despair; give me your burning love when my heart is cold and loveless. Amen.

DAY 13 – Dear Saint Ann, bring Christ’s pilgrim people closer together while they are helping one another on the way to their eternal dwelling place. Amen.

DAY 14 – Dearest Saint Ann, I wish to make my evening prayer before you. This day was a gift from God. He gave it to me, not to be spent foolishly, but to be used for his glory and for my happiness, as well as for the benefit of my neighbor. Amen.

DAY 15 – Teach me also how to be sorry for frequently resisting God’s will and the impulses of his grace. Obtain me forgiveness for often failing in faith in God’s teaching, in hope in his assisttance and in love for him and my neighbor. This day had been given me in order to bring me closer to my Lord. At the end of this day, am I a more faithful and loving child to my God and Father? Are men more understanding, more helpful to one another? Amen.

DAY 16 – Saint Ann, as I reach the end of this day and of this prayer, I also wish to place my whole person, body and soul, under your care. Keep both, my soul and my body, in good health. Watch over my family, over my friends; watch over my city, my country, over the Church. Watch over all men, since they are God’s pilgrim people on the way to their Lord and Father. Amen.

3 Responses

  1. O glorious St. Ann, you are filled with compassion for those who invoke you and with love for those who suffer! Heavily burdened with the weight of my troubles, I cast myself at your feet and humbly beg of you to take the present intention which I recommend to you in your special care. Please recommend it to your daughter, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and place it before the throne of Jesus, so that He may bring it to a happy issue. Continue to intercede for me until my request is granted. But, above all, obtain for me the grace one day to see my God face to face, and with you and Mary and all the saints to praise and bless Him for all eternity. Amen.

  2. Beautiful. Thank you.

    Our Lord gave us three wonderful gifts.
    He gave us Himself in the Eucharist
    He gave us His bride – the Church
    And He gave us His Mother to be our Mother.


  3. What is a novena?

    FATHER JOE: In this instance it is the recitation of prayers for nine consecutive days, either directly to the Lord or through the intercession of a saint for a certain purpose or favor (like holiness).

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