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Finishing Up the Archbishop Milingo/Married Priests Debate


Exorcists are usually quiet and humble men. Archbishop Milingo was a sensationalist and evidently relished the attention he got as a spiritual healer. He left himself open for this kind of fall; indeed, in uniting with George Augustus Stallings, he has found a man with an enormous ego to match his own. Are they Catholics of any sort now, or just a branch of the Moonies? Stallings has women priests, condones all sorts of immoral practices (sexual in particular), combines Christianity with teachings and practices from Kwaanza, the Koran, and the various pagan teachings of the East. As soon as he started his own Church, he eradicated the sacrament of Penance. His religion is pelagian, pagan and utterly religious relativism. His doctrine of the Trinity is modalistic and the first person of the Trinity is called MOTHER-FATHER. The twisted version of the Creed he uses at services speaks of Christ’s birth (while the Latin of the Mother Church in Rome speaks of our Lord becoming “incarnate” which implies in the womb. He also says that Christ “becomes” a person; however, while he became MAN, he had been the Second PERSON of the Blessed Trinity from all eternity.

The issue here is more than a demand against the discipline of celibacy for priests. We see with the archbishop a profound shift away from the orthodox faith and a renunciation of magisterial authority.


Will Archbishop Milingo surprise us next by becoming a Muslim?. As an Exorcist he could be under attack by Stan. Other Exorcists should exorcise him.


“…by STAN?” You no doubt mean Satan, although I always suspected that Stan Laurel had a dark side, not to mention Oliver Hardy. Peace!


I am more than shocked to read his self-defense [from the archbishop]. How could anyone say that he loves and obeys Jesus without obeying His Church? Does Archbishop Milingo’s new discovery of marriage in his late 70’s hold water? Come on! He should be preparing for a good death (this age is biblically a bonus), not engaging the Church with his confusion.


The Church seems to care less about the flock entrusted to her care.


What do you mean?

The Church still ministers the sacraments and helps the poor. The Church still proclaims the Gospel, both in and out of season. And as much as it pains us in the Church, those that breech the discipline and the teachings of the living Church need censure, so that others will not be led astray.

The current story about Stallings and Milingo is less about faith and charity as it is about selfish ego and greed.


You have no idea how we in Zambia feel about such a great man as Milingo. We will always love him not matter what you and your cohorts say.


It is inconsequential how people in Zambia feel about the renegade archbishop.

You can love whomever you want, the fact is that the archbishop is now excommunicated from the Church and is in a new union with formal heretics.

He attempted marriage outside the Church in a ceremony conducted by the Moonies, a Church that insists that a Korean fanatic is the Messiah (and according to some sources, God).

If he has sex with the woman, then that also makes him a fornicator since he is not free to marry. May God have mercy on his soul, and all those who follow him.


My soul is in partnership with the beloved LUTHER of our times, the beloved Archbishop Milingo. Unlike you, he sees the will of God instead of the will of man.

“YOU are JOSHUA! Let the Lord’s own enter the Promised Land under your guidance. Thanks and thanks in Jesus name. Amen.”


There must be a translation issue, for while I might associate Milingo with Luther; I would tag neither as “beloved” given their rebellion against the See of Peter and their arrogance to the Church’s teachings and disciplines. I am convinced that the errant Archbishop is not complying with God’s will, but rather is following another spirit entirely. He has undermined the sacrament of marriage by his “attempted marriage” before the false messiah Moon and any physical congress is equivalent to fornication. He takes his followers, not to the promised land of Jesus, but to the false kingdom of insurrection and dissent. Given his peculiar behavior, I have to wonder if the once famous exorcist is not now possessed by the very entities he once combatted. No thanks, is my response to his appeal, I remain with Peter and Christ, not with Milingo, Stallings or Luther!


Let the Catholic faithful pray for all those who spread errors in the Catholic faith. This is unthinkable in Nigeria, and can never be supported by any of the Catholic faithful in Nigeria. Rome is the center of our faith, and we must obey the Church. Satan is at work, and we must rise up to stop the enemy from destroying the Church. May we all pray for our separated brethren— pray that they come back to the fold.


Miligo is in great error— may God pardon him.


With the Archbishop Milingo saga, the whole of the African Continent is slowly but surely waking up from its theological slumber. Milingo is the kind of a bishop-theologian for which the Continent of Africa has been looking. We all know that Rome and her Fathers care much less about the Continent in all matters African. In this day and age to argue that the Roman Catholic Church has absolute truth in everything borders on ignorance and blind theological pride. Our Continent will never be the same with bishop-theologians such as Milingo and others.


Archbishop Milingo had an arranged marriage witnessed by the cult-leader Moon, and you would recommend his judgment? You are being silly. The poor man betrayed his promises to God and the Church. Indeed, Father Fano, so have you. You counted race as more important than membership in the true Church established by Christ.

You make much of your not being affiliated with Rome. Well, so be it, run away from the ROCK all you want, there really is nowhere else to go. I grieve for your parishioners. You feign Catholic Christianity and yet you are only a pernicious kind of Protestant, and one who would steal from the Roman Catholic flock. The Holy Father is the ultimate bishop-theologian, and he has begged for Archbishop Milingo to come back to his senses. He has prayed for him, too. For all we know, this renowned exorcist may have been snagged by some spiritual evil that went under the radar of his discernment. The truth of the Gospel is for all men. There is no African Church or American Church. There is only THE CHURCH in Africa or in America. The difference is important. You are nothing new. You have made yourself a would-be pope. Nationalist churches have long been on the scene and they all suffer from a narrow perspective. The Catholic Church is still growing in the Third World, despite your castigation against the good priests and religious who have ministered and even sacrificed their lives to bring the truth of the Gospel to the sheep needing a shepherd. You are NOT that shepherd. You should go back to your religious community and renew your promises. We do not need priests who chase women or the disobedient who are more wolf than shepherd.


For too long, both the Western and European theologians have sought to define us and to force us into the mold of their disciplines.


The Catholic faith allows for enculturation. However, the deposit of faith must be preserved. Discipline must be upheld. The answer is not separation or dissent. Rather, The Church in Africa is called to weave their stories and lives into that of the universal Christian faith. You cannot properly do this as a Catholic by rupturing your link to the See of unity established by Christ. You should not lie. The problem is that you, not Africans, YOU do not like to be told what to do. Poor priest, you should learn personal humility and absolute dedication to the teachings of the faith. A priest is not his own man. He belongs to the Church. You forgot that. Father Cutie defected to another faith community. You tried to start your own church. I regularly do penance for my faults; but priests like you refuse to kneel— will not submit— will not serve. There is way too much of Milton’s Satan about such fallen priests and too little of Christ.


The question is not whether the good Archbishop is excommunicated by the self-righteous Roman Catholic Institution – but the kind relevance or irrelevance the Roman Catholic Church is continually depicting in this day and age of the freedom to belong.


The Roman Catholic Church is the BRIDE OF CHRIST. She is holy because Christ is holy. Have you forgotten your first year theology about the marks of the Church? There is plenty of freedom, Father, but it can also be misused. This is behind the nature of sin, abusing our liberty and making the wrong choices, selecting apparent goods which are really evil or just not good for us. You call the Roman Catholic Church “self-righteous” because you have spurned her authority over you. If your judgment is wrong, and I am convinced this is the case, then the self-righteousness is yours. By seeking to justify yourself, you make justification from Christ impossible. You stand outside the community of salvation.


Surely, God is not identical to the Roman Catholic Church. God is God, period! So no matter whether one has membership in the Roman Catholic Church, Methodist Church, Zionist Church, etc. – is not an issue. What is vital is that one has a good relationship with his/her God.


Certainly, there is an identity between the Roman Catholic Church and the Mystical Body of Christ. In this sense, Christ shares his divinity by grace with the Church. The Pope is the Vicar of Christ and the visible head of Christ’s Church. Jesus is the invisible head. He extended his authority to Peter and promised to be with him until the final consummation. Like a good fundamentalist Protestant, you stress a PERSONAL relationship with God. And yet, while this is important, the Catholic stress upon a CORPORATE RELATIONSHIP with Christ is very much what the word “Catholic” or “Universal” is all about. Your little breakaway church and the few sects loosely affiliated with you cannot make this claim. Neither in scope nor in history can they represent the house Jesus built. We do not come to God alone. He has given us each other and the Magisterium (teaching authority) to preserve us in the truth. Yours would be capricious religion based upon human whim and African eccentricities and maybe burning loins. This is all too bad for you. I would want no part of it and most of Africa would agree with me.


There are more serious issues to address in the churches, as with racism and poverty.


Avoidance solves nothing. I am reminded of the pro-life fight. We often hear that there are other important issues. Well, it is true. But if I am a dead baby, I have no more issues. Similarly, when it comes to faith, we are dealing again with life, albeit eternal life. Should I really place social justice matters ahead of whether I will go to heaven or hell— and who I might take with me?


God bless the Archbishop!


Yes, and I pray every day that he will repent before it is too late.

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  1. This priest seems mentally unstable.
    One cannot take anything he does or says seriously.

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