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Bishop Seeks to Change No-Marriage Rule
The Associated Press

Wednesday, July 12, 2006WASHINGTON — Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, whose 2001 marriage caused an international scandal within the Roman Catholic Church, set out on a new mission Wednesday to override church rules and let married priests continue their ministries. / The Zambian archbishop said he was championing the cause of married priests even before his marriage, but his new goal is to end the church’s celibacy rule.



[Here is Archbishop Milingo on the left] He begged married priests to “come out of their Catholic prisons and be reinstated, taking once more their pastoral responsibility among the married priests.” He continued: “To those priests who may feel that by marrying they have stepped down or fallen short, unleash your burden of humiliation, exclusivity and shame. Come among your fellow `sinners,’ so considered, who were to be branded, and to be forgotten forever as weaklings.”

Archbishop Milingo was taken aside by Church officials and the late Pope John Paul II interceded to pursuade him to return to the fold and renounce the marriage, which he did four months stallingsnew.jpglater in August 2001. The attempted marriage had been conducted by Rev. Sun Myung Moon (Unification Church) and the woman was a South Korean, Maria Sung. Unsure of his stability, he remained in seclusion for a year in Argentina. His supposed wife from the arranged marriage complained bitterly about the situation. Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, chief primate of his own independent African American Catholic congregation (Imani Temple, 1989) also married an Asian woman at the ceremony. He hosted the press conference yesterday, Wednesday, July 12. [See Bishop Stallings here on the right and Archbishop Milingo below]


Now, Archbishop Milingo (76 years old) has gone over the deep end again and is back with Maria Sung. Like other dissenters, he refuses to leave the Church, desiring instead to force her to change. “My position is very clear in my understanding of my ordination by the church. Once a priest, always a priest. Even though a priest can renounce his vows and be defrocked by the church, the church avows that he always remains a priest.”


[Here above is Bishop Stallings with his wife.] The archbishop said there are some 150,000 married priests around the world and about 20,000 in the U.S. who should be returned to ministry.

Here is the text of Archbishop Milingo’s speech at the Washington Press Club:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are dealing with a very serious matter that has affected the Catholic Church for many years. In the last 35 years since the International Catholic Synod of Bishops in 1971, the struggles surrounding celibacy have worsened. If in 1971, the church listened to the appeals of Bishops to offer celibacy as an option to those who would bind themselves to it for their entire lives, but let those called to be ordained priests, yet married, to fulfill their calling, then today we would not be harvesting straw instead of divine graces.

The seriousness of the matter was emphasized once again when the US Bishops raised the issue as we entered this third millennium. Once more the authorities in the Vatican waved it off, to the detriment of the church in USA and around the world.

Married priesthood has existed as early as the time of Moses, as we read in Leviticus that they were all married, the family of the High priest Aaron. Some argue that what was demanded in that priesthood was merely a legal purity. But when God demanded sanctity as a sign of being intimate with Him, this injunction of sanctity was still more applicable to priests: “Be holy, because I, your Lord, am holy.” Sanctity or holiness is the first requirement of any priesthood, married or celibate.
The Apostles ordained priests and bishops, regardless of their marital status. St. Paul ordained Timothy and consecrated him to Bishopric. He ordained the first Bishop of the Island of Malta, who was a married man. As St. Paul said to Timothy, the one condition he imposed upon a Bishop was to marry only once.

“A Bishop must be irreproachable, married only once, temperate, self controlled, decent, hospitable,, able to teach, not a drunkard, not aggressive, but gentle, not contentious, not a lover of money.” (Timothy 3:2-3)

Some people will be surprised to hear of what became of Zacchaeus, the short man whom Jesus called down from a sycamore tree and then visited his house. He truly was converted with his whole family, and ended being consecrated Bishop of Caesarea Philippi. (History of the Church: Venturi).

Jesus shared fully with all his apostles, both married and non-married, all that was required to be an Apostle. He did not show favoritism to any of them. Even as He gave them responsibilities, He looked to each one’s capacity, and relied on each of them. The question of celibacy was not His preoccupation. I think that the demands presented by St. Paul to a candidate to Bishopric are more than sufficient for the life of a Bishop. Looking back to priesthood from which rank a Bishop comes the same demands are applied to the priesthood.

We hereby appeal to those Bishops who have been sent to the monasteries, condemned forever, never to appear any more to their faithful. Let them come out of their Catholic prisons and be reinstated, taking once more their pastoral responsibility among the married priests. Please let us know where you are, be in contact with us.

To those priests who may feel that by marrying they have stepped down or fallen short, unleash your burden of humiliation, exclusivity, and shame. Come among your fellow “sinners,” so considered, who were to be branded, and to be forgotten forever as weaklings. Come in, but never come with lamentations. Your burden has been loaded off, you come light, released from any weight of sinfulness. Become a Magdalene, a Paul, a Peter or Augustine, or one of the many others who never looked back to their struggling past. They all became outstanding saints, in spite of their former weaknesses.

To our beloved “Mother Church,” we beseech you to open your arms to these prodigal children who have longed to return home and have so much to offer. There is no more important healing than the reconciliation of 150,000 married priests with the Mother Church, and the healing of a Church in crisis through the renewing of marriage and family. The Church has nothing to lose by allowing priests the option to marry. Historically, out of holy marriages have come priests, popes, saints, and loving servants of God and the Church.

It is out of our love for our Faith and deep concern for its future that we proclaim this day, the end of mandatory celibacy, and the option for priests to sanctify the family as it was intended in the Garden of Eden, even as they fulfill their calling and ordination.

Sponsored by Stalling’s AACC, the archbishop is going to spend six months traveling the U.S. spreading his dissent and witnessing to his breech of promises made to God and to the Church. He is a disgrace and proof that the Church must be more careful in the future about who is made bishop.

Archbishop Milingo goes every which-a-way. He made promises of perpetual celibacy and obedience. Then he broke them and attempted marriage, making a promise he was not entitled to keep to a woman. Shortly thereafter, he put her aside and reaffirmed his promise of celibacy and pledged obedience to the Holy Father. [See the statement below] Now, he has renounced his promises to God and the Church again and has returned to his so-called spouse. What they might do in bed is not something about which I would speculate; however, he has joined himself to heretics and in Stallings, an excommunicated priest who likes to masquerade as a bishop or patriarch (his own pope)!


Maverick Archbishop Weds in Manhattan

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Rome Exorcist says Archbishop Milingo Brainwashed

3 Responses

  1. U.S. Newswire

    “Archbishop Milingo is not seeking to defy or divide the (Roman Catholic) Church, but is acting out of deep love for the Church and concern for its future,” notes Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, founder of the African American Catholic Congregation. Married priests from Italy, South America and the United States will join the archbishop as he launches a ministry for the renewal of family for the future of the Catholic Faith. “The Church has nothing to lose by allowing priests the option to marry. Historically, out of holy marriages have come priests, popes, and loving servants of God and the Church,” Milingo says.

  2. “My Marriage is a Calling From God”
    (”The Post” (Lusaka), June 15, 2001)
    Emmanuel Milingo Lusaka

    As a Catholic baptised in infancy, I have devoted my life to the Church. From my ordination in 1958, I have lived a celibate life, and tried to serve God with my whole heart, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and minister to His people.

    In the process, I have faithfully served the Catholic Church as Curate, Parish Priest, Archbishop of Lusaka, and Special Delegate for Migrants and Itinerants, among others. I have never sought any worldly station or rank, and have desired only to serve the Lord, His Church and His people.

    The Holy Spirit has been my comfort and counsel, and the Lord Jesus and the Blessed Mother have shed light on my path. I am especially grateful to the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, whose encouragement, acceptance and support have never wavered. I take this step only in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ, and only after many days of prayer and fasting. I suffer not for the opinions of men, and seek only to do God’s will.

    “I have not changed my faith and will continue to celebrate Mass everyday”. It is important, however, that the many people in Africa, Europe and elsewhere who have trusted my guidance or been blessed by God through the instrument of my service be fully informed of my reasons and motives for this action, lest anyone seek to malign or twist my purpose for their own ends.

    On Sunday, May 27, 2001, I was blessed in marriage with Maria Sung, a doctor of acupuncture and a loving and faithful servant of the Lord.

    As a celibate priest, matrimony was the farthest thing from my mind.
    It is only through the command of Jesus, and the counsel and support of Reverend and Mrs Sun Myung Moon that I took this unexpected and bold step, one that I have wrestled with in my heart for some time. At the request of my bride and I, Reverend and Mrs Moon officiated the blessing ceremony, administered our vows and consecrated our union, together with clergy from various denominations.

    My reasons for heeding the Lord’s command to be blessed in marriage are as follows:

    I. God’s Word: The Purpose of Marriage and Family

    As Genesis 1:27 says, “So God made man in His own image. In the image of God he created him, male and female…” Our Lord affirmed this scripture when he said: “Have you not read that the one God made them male and female, and for this reason the two are to become one flesh… and what God has joined together, let no man put asunder (Matthew 19: 4-7). He tells us that marriage itself is the fulfilment of God’s purpose of creation – that since God’s image is male and female, it is only as a couple that we can fully reflect His nature. After creating Adam, God said: “It is not fitting for man to be alone (Genesis 2:1 8). His first direction to them was, “Be fruitful, and multiply. Fill the earth and subdue (Genesis 1:28). Still, the priestly vow of celibacy has a profound meaning in the providence of God. Our first ancestors disobeyed God, partaking of the forbidden fruit. Ashamed of their nakedness, they covered their lower parts, and hid from God. They were cast from the Garden, and their marriage and family life had nothing to do with God. Humanity has inherited the sinful lineage of these fallen parents. Jesus said: “You are of your father, the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires (John 8:44)”. Because of the false love between men and women from the very beginning, the path of total devotion to God’s service has required us to sacrifice such human desire. St. Paul explained the struggle between serving God and being married, praising those who would refrain from marriage (1 Corinthians 7:28-40). Jesus acknowledged those who had … made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 19:12). Thus my vow of celibacy has been one that I offered with my whole heart. With the blood of our false father, Satan, running in our veins, we cannot enter the Kingdom of God lest we be born anew, receiving the body and blood of Jesus, and inheriting God’s love, life and lineage through His only begotten Son. Thus I have and will continue to celebrate mass every day of my life, for Holy Communion represents the truest and most intimate union with our Heavenly Father. Yet God has shown me that the oneness of a Godly man and woman is a true reflection of the Holy Trinity. Just as God the Father is one with and manifested in the mystical union of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, so our Heavenly Father can be fully present in the union of a man and woman in the communion of marriage. St. Paul held up the relationship between Jesus and the Mother Church as the model for marriage (Ephesians 5:22-32). The early church, like Paul, looked upon marriage as an unfortunate necessity. Gradually, the vocation of marriage and its original, holy purpose has been resurrected. At the close of Christianity’s second millennium, many in the church have realised that the sacrifice of celibate life has fulfilled its purpose. We enter the era when every man and woman is called to fulfil his or her original purpose to reflect God’s image. Sadly, many are unable to reconcile this original longing with their celibate vow, so their commitment has become a hollow shell, an unreachable standard.

    All manner of defilement, including unnatural lust, illegitimate children, and other secret horrors have burdened the lives of those seeking to serve Him. The increase of homosexuality and pregnancy among priests and nuns has become common knowledge. In this way, Satan’s blood has continued to flow into and through God’s Church. This satanic blood must be cleansed, and God’s true love, life and lineage be restored. To paraphrase Paul, it is time to grow up, to put away childish things, and to face the truth not dimly, through a glass, but face to face. I have spent my life confronting the devil. Now, by answering God’s call to resemble Him fully and restore His original ideal of marriage, I pray to open the way for many others to separate themselves from Satan, purify their spirits and bodies, and help to cleanse and renew the Church.

    II. My Calling and Mission

    On April 3, 1973, I discovered, almost by chance that I was blessed with the gift of healing. Since then, God has continued to use my gift to bless many. The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for He has anointed me to preach the gospel, heal the sick, and beyond my own expectation, to exorcise demons. As I obeyed God as His instrument, countless miracles took place. Thousands upon thousands were blessed through this ministry. Medical doctors and native healers, alike, witnessed the power of God, and many came to the Lord’s Church through the preaching of the gospel and the charisma of healing. Powerful spiritual experiences took place amongst the congregation of the faithful. The Daughters of the Redeemer, The Brothers of St. John the Baptist, The Children of the Good Shepherd Jesus, and numerous ministries and missions blossomed through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I came to know the powerful presence and work of the spirit world. Many in the Church hierarchy could not understand these powerful manifestations of the spirit, and sought to control or limit them, by restricting my ministry. In spite of my devotion to God’s word, my daily offering of mass, and my commitment to the Holy Church, I was accused, feared, and slandered. In addition, I saw that the European cultural dominance of the Church had both limited the Christian message and prevented Africans from truly discovering their original value and spiritual identity. While loving the Church and its tradition, I was determined to help overcome the Africans’ imposed sense of cultural inferiority, and to bring new vitality to Christianity by nurturing it in the rich soil of Africa’s spiritual heritage. This effort, too, placed me at odds with some church authorities. My effort to fulfil the mission God as given to me has been increasingly frustrated, blocked, and even sabotaged, by some in ecclesiastical authority. I was accused of all manner of earthly and spiritual evils, called to Rome, sued, questioned, examined and isolated. Ugly rumours were spread about me. Though the concerns were answered one by one, it became clear that I would not be allowed to return to the Archdiocese of Lusaka, to serve the African people whom I love. Obediently, I have remained in Rome nearly 20 years. Although I have been prevented from saying Mass in any church within the city limits, I could not abandon the call to preach the gospel, heal the sick, and cast out evil spirits. Painfully, I have become a challenge for the Church that I love, and the Church that I love has become a fetter that restricts me from my God-given mission. I have wrestled in prayer, asking myself which shall prevail: My vow of obedience to ecclesiastic authority, or my pledge of obedience to God?

    III. My Love for the Holy Church

    Through all the accusations, restrictions, slander and exile, my deep love for the Holy Mother Church has not wavered. Though I have been separated from the people God has called me to serve, and restricted from offering the gifts which the Spirit has continued to manifest through me until now, I continue to observe the faith into which I was baptised. As some in positions of power have been used by the devil to attack me, I have only sought to defend and protect God’s Church. As I have struggled between the call of God and my obedience to the Church, I know that many greater than I have faced the same dilemma, from saints to reformers. Like them, I have no desire to leave the Church that I love, and yet I can only follow the Lord’s leading. I pray that my embrace of God’s ideal of marriage and family, my determination to follow the Lord’s leading and the call of my conscience, and my commitment to the salvation of Africa and the world will touch the hearts of the faithful, and serve as a wake-up call to the Church as it enters a new millennium. Two thousand years ago the very people whom God prepared did not know the hour of their visitation. Even as Jesus proclaimed the coming kingdom and preached a new gospel, those who clung to the past named Him a devil. When he cleansed the temple the religious leaders worried only about the threat he posed to their authority. They had neither eyes to see nor ears to hear. Let us take care not to repeat the sins of the past.

    IV. My Relationship to Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon

    There will no doubt be those who claim that I have been unduly influenced by others to follow this path. For this reason I have carefully explained the past that makes this course inevitable. Some will believe that I have been converted or controlled, but I assure you, my decisions are my own. I am obedient first and foremost to the command of the Lord Jesus Christ. In lifting up the universal ideal of the family for all humanity, Reverend and Mrs Moon have never asked me to deny or abandon my Catholic faith. I asked Father and Mother Moon to arrange and consecrate my marriage because of my respect for the special anointing that God has given them for the building of God-centred marriages and families. I have truly seen that the Kingdom of God can only be established on Earth through true love, and that love can only be established through God-centred families. They are doing the Lord’s work. I can say from the bottom of my heart that Reverend Moon is a man of God. His ministry began in his youth with a calling from Jesus Christ. I have seen his effort and investment to unite people of all faiths and to break down racial barriers. I have prayed to Jesus for long hours about Rev and Mrs Moon, and the Lord has guided me to understand and appreciate their special ministry to build loving, God-centred families amongst people of all faiths, in the capacity of True Parents. I have observed that Rev Moon knows the spirit world, as I have experienced it, in a profound way. I urge all of the faithful to be most concerned with meeting the living God and doing His will, and pray that my beloved Church will take further steps in restructuring its “modus administrandi”. To those who would condemn Father and Mother Moon’s universal message and ministry without personal investigation, remember that virtually every prophet and saint was misunderstood and rejected. I can only recall the words of Stephen in Acts 7: 51-52: “You stiff-necked people, uncircumcised in heart and ears, you always resist the Holy Spirit. Just as your fathers did, so do you. Which of the prophets did not your fathers persecute? And they killed those who came to announce the coming of the righteous one, whom you have now betrayed and murdered.”

    V. Our Future

    Though my heart is heavy for those who love me, but may not yet understand the path I am taking, I am filled with joy for the opportunity to offer all of my heart and soul and freely use all of the gifts God has given me in His service once again. My partner Maria and I will return to Africa, a continent suffering the scourge of HIV and Aids, a continent mired in political, economic and social confusion, yet a land with a rich heritage of traditional values of family, community, respect for elders and spirituality. It is our mission to renew that heritage, to bring the healing love of Christ, and use the building block of Godly families to rebuild the society. God has called us to bring a movement of healing and renewal, and for the continent of my birth I will invest the rest of my earthly life. I owe my life and my love to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Blessed Virgin Mary. I offer my eternal gratitude and respect to the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II. I am and always will be devoted to the Church that I love. I am not joining Rev Moon’s Church, for his work is not for any one Church, nor any one nation, nor any one race. It is to break down the barriers between all races, nations and creeds, and realise the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. I prayed to Jesus, and the Lord Himself has shown me that His kingdom must be realised through human hearts and hands, and must be based upon true love and true families. He has anointed this ministry and confirmed the rightness of my path.

  3. The younger Pseudo-Bishop in the pictures above are of George Stallings. Along with Milingo, I suppose they are now the dream team for breakaway Catholics, particularly from the Black community. Are they now a branch of the Moonies?

    “Reaping the Whirlwind” by Lloyd Grove

    WASHINGTON POST, May 23, 2001

    With members of his Imani Temple still seething over his implied criticism of black wives last week as he prepared to marry a young Japanese woman handpicked by Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon, Archbishop George A. Stallings Jr. defended his plans yesterday by comparing his fiancee’s ethnicity with that of Washington PR executive Linda Greene, the longtime companion he abruptly dumped to wed 24-year-old Sayomi Kamimoto.

    The Post’s Hamil R. Harris reports that the 53-year-old defrocked Catholic priest who was excommunicated after forming a breakaway religious movement, the African American Catholic Congregation, in 1989 issued a statement that said in part: “I want to make it clear for the record that marriage to a woman of color who is not African American is a personal decision and not a public statement. If I had married Miss Linda Greene, some in the black community would not be up in arms, yet she, too, is a non-African American of Asian and Indian descent.”

    The 49-year-old Greene who was among several female Imani Temple members who walked out of Stallings’s Mass on Sunday to protest what they called his “close affiliation with and adoption of doctrine of the Unification Church” disputed Stallings’s characterization. “Good Lord!” she told us yesterday. “I don’t think I should comment except to say that I am African American. I have not a clue why he’s saying this. I knew George Stallings well, but this new person I truly don’t know.”

    Stallings’s troubles started last week after Greene preemptively announced her ex’s nuptials; he compounded his problems by telling us, “I’ve been plagued by women scorned,” and then made things even worse by explaining to the Afro-American newspaper: “I chose a Japanese wife because . . . they are dedicated to their husbands, they are gentle and they work with them.” He added that he didn’t want a wife “who desired to party all the time.”

    Yesterday, as Stallings dodged grenades hurled by his own flock, the Unification Church sent in reinforcements. The Rev. Michael Jenkins, Moon’s top church official in North America, told Harris that Stallings’s engagement to Kamimoto is the result of genuine love, not an arbitrary union orchestrated by the Korean. “We are confident of Bishop Stallings’s integrity and purity as a man of God,” said Jenkins. “The allegations against Bishop Stallings have been proven false.” Jenkins said that starting tonight Stallings will hold a three-day revival at Imani Temple sponsored by the Unification Church, and that on Sunday he will say his marriage vows along with 40 other couples at the New York Hilton. “This is a definitely a beautiful love story,” Jenkins said. “I don’t think it can get better than this.”

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