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  • The blog header depicts an important and yet mis-understood New Testament scene, Jesus flogging the money-changers out of the temple. I selected it because the faith that gives us consolation can also make us very uncomfortable. Both Divine Mercy and Divine Justice meet in Jesus. Priests are ministers of reconciliation, but never at the cost of truth. In or out of season, we must be courageous in preaching and living out the Gospel of Life. The title of my blog is a play on words, not Flogger Priest but Blogger Priest.

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Clarification on the Mediation of Christ


Giby writes:

The ONLY mediator between man and GOD is Jesus Christ!

Mary and all the saints are only people God used for his purposes. We respect but do NOT worship them. Do NOT make them mediators.

Our whole praise goes to God the heavenly Father only. God bless you!

Father Joe responds:

It is true that our one Mediator is Jesus Christ. He is the bridge or pontifex between heaven and earth. He heals the breech with our heavenly Father caused by sin. Jesus is the Way and the Truth and the Life. There is no way to the Father except through the Son. All this is Catholic teaching… YES!

However, our Lord can use human beings and sacraments as his instruments. We see this especially in the ministry of priests in whom Christ makes himself and his power active… as in the absolution of sin and in the Eucharist. The saints are like windows that allow the light of Christ to shine through. We might even say that some magnify or help us to discern this light. The saints have an intercessory role than cannot be dismissed. We come to God, not just as individuals, but as members of a faith community, the Church. This Church is also a unique vehicle of the Lord’s presence, as the Mystical Body of Christ. The Catholic view of intercession and mediation must take into consideration the full significance of the incarnation. We ask the saints to pray for and with us. All true prayer, even intercessory prayer, has as its true object, almighty God. Peace!

Stations of the Cross at Holy Family – March 13, 2015

facebook pic fil crossWe took a group shot after the Friday night Stations of the Cross a couple weeks ago. This particular evening the soup and devotion was made possible by the Filipino community here at Holy Family. Last week the Knights of St. John were in charge. Tonight it will be the Knights of Columbus.

QUESTIONS About St. Peter’s Family


Lee writes:

I know St. Peter had a wife. Was she Jewish or Gentile? St. Peter had a daughter, St. Patronilis. I believe St. Peter had other children. Please tell me all about St. Peter’s family— the real inside story.

Father Joe responds:

Yes, the Scriptures attest to the fact that St. Peter was married. While we are told that he is the brother of St. Andrew and the son of Jonah, we are not given other names or details. There is the tradition that his wife became a martyr for the faith. I think attestations of her name as either Perpetua or Concordia are dubious.

There is the tradition or legend that suggests a daughter, St. Petronilla, but this might have been a spiritual kinship only. She is venerated as a virgin martyr of the early Church.

King Henry VIII is Guilty as Charged


P. MCCOY: Catholics should quit telling the lie that Henry VIII wanted a divorce; he wanted an annulment because he WAS married to his sister Catherine.

FATHER JOE: Since an annulment was not possible, what you are arguing is semantics. The fact remains that he put her aside and many others as well in his search for a fertile mate that would give him an heir and satisfy his lusts. Further, she was not his sister but the widowed wife of his brother Prince Arthur (he died five months into the marriage).  In other words, she was his former sister-in-law.

P. MCCOY: It doesn’t matter what she said; people have all kinds of reasons to lie-hers was a unhealthy fondness for her brother-in-law. You had an unscrupulous Pope giving her a dispensation to marrying her brother instead of persuading her to return to Spain and marry a non-relative, live as an lay widow, or enter the monastic life.

FATHER JOE: Actually, it was a marriage that the British crown initially wanted as it shored up tensions with Spain. Catherine was more the pawn here. The fact remains that the King wanted a male heir and that he wanted to advance the standing of his mistress Anne Boleyn and the rights of succession to any sons she might give him.

P. MCCOY: The Pope who refused the annulment request did out of fear of being slaughtered by Catherine’s nephew Emperor Charles V than having the courage to correct a prior mistake.

FATHER JOE: Annulments can be given or withheld for many reasons, but in this case fear or no fear, the Church acted rightly. Catherine was his wife. This was more a matter of divine than Church law. The case made was deemed insufficient for an annulment and no one deserves such Church intervention. In this case, it would have corrupted Church authority and sent Catholicism down the slippery of slope of scandal with all the so-called wives or paramours of Henry VIII.

P. MCCOY: But had Henry VII been more assertive, he would have sent his daughter-in-law on the first ship back to Spain right after Prince Arthur’s funeral. He would have then immediately arranged for a marry by proxy for Henry with a princess from various Catholic kingdoms: German city/ provincial states, choices of the Italian city states (a Medici or a d’Este would have made excellent English Queens!), Norway, Denmark or Sweden-OR, in a tribute to the illustrious Henry V, he could have married a French princess of the House that England was having friction with at the time. A Navarre princess could have made a good union too.

FATHER JOE: Science fiction might have us delight in alternative histories, but such armchair speculation really has little meaning in objective reality. It is like saying that Judas might have made a great saint had he repented instead of despairing and committing suicide. It makes for a quaint aside but the errant apostle is none the better and the fires of hell remain just as hot. No matter what prospects the reign had in Henry VIII’s regard, the trajectory of history remains unchanged: he became increasingly self-obsessed, exploitive of resources and Satan’s minion against the monasteries and the true Church.

P. MCCOY: Without the threat of incest gad flying him and realizing that he was not “god”, Henry VIII probably would have accepted the idea of a Queen ruling England after him. The Medici line would have raised up an exceptionally savvy and politically experienced and well supported by her Medici relatives English Queen!

FATHER JOE: Henry VIII had a contemptable view of women and would never have been satisfied with a woman on the throne. His life readily illustrates that females were merely a means to an ends— to satisfy the lust of his loins and to act as hens for his eggs. When the chicken failed to put out, he deemed it was time to have its head removed.

2014-15 Third Quarter Knights of Columbus Reports

Here is a photo of the Third Quarter Reports from Father Kidd and St. Mary of the Assumption Councils of the Knights of Columbus in Maryland. Some other councils might be up-and-coming, but these two C-level Councils are usually first and second place at the State Convention. The rivalry is fun and exciting; but more importantly, it displays two councils that take seriously their faith and council obligations. As former chaplain at St. Mary’s and the current chaplain at Father Kidd, I have a special love in my heart for these two councils and the Knights that make up their ranks. Healthy competition is good but let us always remember that the good we do is what is most important. Have fun and celebrate fraternity at the Ocean in May. VIVAT IESUS!

More Snow at Holy Family in Mitchellville, MD

fuzzy jeezus

Fuzzy Geezus and his pals Green Thang, Fat One-Eyed Thang and Skinny One-Eyed Thang hang out and watch the falling snow at Holy Family Parish.


Faith & Values in the News

Over 350 Catholic School Teachers Call On San Francisco Archbishop To Drop Morality Clauses

It is not the morality clause that should be dropped but the teachers, themselves. If they feel that Catholic moral law and commandments are oppressive then they are not suited to teach in the parochial schools. Young children are impressionable and believers place their children in Catholic schools precisely because they want certain values to be transmitted without ambiguity.

Lepanto Report about CRS in Kenya with Contraceptives & Abortifacients

Are CRS and the current U.S. administration involved with a cover up in Kenya about contraception as part of our anti-poverty efforts? The Lepanto Institute seems to show that there has been grievous deception and mismanagement of funds in this regard. I find this extremely upsetting.

3D Holograms Help Israeli Heart Surgeons

I thought this was fake but it ran as a CBS News story. How does one create 3-D images in free space?

Leonard Nimoy, ‘Star Trek’s’ Spock, Dies at 83

Why ‘Star Trek’ — and Mr. Spock — Matters

Got to meet him many years ago at a book signing. Rest in Peace. “Live long and prosper.”


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