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  • The blog header depicts an important and yet mis-understood New Testament scene, Jesus flogging the money-changers out of the temple. I selected it because the faith that gives us consolation can also make us very uncomfortable. Both Divine Mercy and Divine Justice meet in Jesus. Priests are ministers of reconciliation, but never at the cost of truth. In or out of season, we must be courageous in preaching and living out the Gospel of Life. The title of my blog is a play on words, not Flogger Priest but Blogger Priest.

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WHO are the Single Issue Voters?

Abortion, a Single Issue or Litmus Test

There is a terrible cop-out when arguments are made against single issue voters.  Almost always the issue in question is abortion and the right to life.  Would the left be willing to concede if the one issue were abortion and a woman’s so-called right to choose?  No, I am certain they would not!  Would the left be willing to compromise if the issue should be the rights of women to hold public office and to receive equal pay with male counterparts?  Of course not! Would the left be willing to cease the promulgation of transitional gender identification and same-sex unions?  Never going to happen!  And while the left has come lately to the issue of racial justice as defended by the right from Lincoln to Eisenhower, would either table efforts for a more ethnically just society for all?  I would hope not!  We all have our issues and for some, there is one issue that trumps all the rest.  Of course, we should be angry that we are being forced to choose between one good or evil and another.  Maybe we need as a Church to be more hands on, not less?

Maybe we need to encourage loyal Catholics to step forward and to take positions that are not problematical for people of faith?  Instead of one or the other, we can add to the cause of life so much else. We should be . . .

  • decisively pro-life and pro-dignity in terms of safeguarding children,
  • helping mothers, supporting families,
  • opposing the death penalty,
  • welcoming immigrants, giving charity to the poor,
  • defending marriage and traditional family,
  • protecting the rights of the gay community from bigotry,
  • urging chaste same-sex unions,
  • respecting religious plurality and our own liberty as people of faith,
  • defending freedom of speech and the rights of the press,
  • investing at home in energy independence while working toward greener policies that are protective of the environment,
  • insuring the proper rights of women,
  • mandating a livable wage for workers,
  • pursuing creative ways to make available healthcare for all,
  • investing in a strong defense while expanding Project Hope,
  • negotiating both peace and financial agreements around the globe,
  • and making real the dream of Martin Luther King for an end to racism, etc.

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