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A Question About Affinity & Dating


This is a rather complex question but one I need an answer to because I really don’t want to be doing any wrong. I have a half-sister who was with this man, not married (now broken up) and they had a child— my half niece. The man had three children of his own with another woman before this. I just met my sister and everyone else but I’m having feelings for this man’s son, who as it turns out, is my half-niece’s half-brother— but of no relation to me.  

Now this man also has grandkids from that son for whom I have feelings and another one of his sons. And I have children of my own.

So I guess what my question is this:  is it alright to date his son? We are no relation, but I feel it might be wrong. So I don’t want to go ahead if it is wrong. I’ve been searching for an answer to this for a while with no real luck. Thank you so much in advance.


There is no direct relationship and no connection by blood.  Unless I am missing something it should be okay. 

However, was the son previously married?  Were you?  If so are the spouses both deceased?  A divorce would still be problematical as the Church requires annulments.  Dating between divorced persons can still constitute adultery. 

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