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Doctor Who Has Become Preachy & Boring


The trouble started a while back, especially in episodes that aggressively promoted homosexuality and atheism. Subtlety disappeared and it stopped being a children’s show. The trouble escalated with Peter Capaldi. His version of Doctor Who was too dark. In one episode a child dies in the ice and he seems not to care. Now we have a Doctor Who with a feminine side, and she seems to care too much. Why can’t the BBC get it right? Episodes that stereotype Americans or which offer backseat criticism of past British imperialism are not going to win viewers. We get too much of politics already. A recent episode even mentions President Trump. Please, is there no sanctuary from this crazy messed up world?

Bradley John Walsh is the only thing working out for the new incarnation of Doctor Who. One has to be careful in saying this because he is the singular middle-aged white male in the cast. Jodie Whittaker is a bust, although she is a good actress. The problem is that the program is no longer really Doctor Who. Indeed, the episodes are so PC and preachy that it has become utterly annoying to those who detest either direct or subliminal manipulation. The writing is terrible. One episode is often worse than the one before it. Viewers want science fiction action and escapism; what they are getting instead is a liberal take on moral issues— like same gender marriages and men having babies. One critic has joked, how many minorities or ethnicities can we squeeze into the Tardis? The one episode that was impressive (Rosa Parks) harked back to the historical shows of the first Doctor, David Hartnell. However, it was also notable for the Doctor Who character stepping back as the hero. Rather than within the context of a fantasy show, might the story about American racism had better been told on its own without the science fiction elements?

Offer criticism and instead of listening to fans, the fans are being attacked. When all is said and done, the episodes are boring and hard to watch. As a fan of Doctor Who from the 1960s I did something the other day that I had never done before when watching Doctor Who— I changed the channel.


2 Responses

  1. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality or atheism. There is plenty wrong with bigoted anachronistic time wasting religions.

    FATHER JOE: Look in the mirror. The face of bigotry is yours. If God exists then there is plenty that is wrong with atheism, notably a denial of the truth and the lack of gratitude and honor to the Creator. Given that a homosexual act violates both divine and natural law, it signifies a transgression against what it means to be human and in relationship. Intimate sexual love between a man and woman fosters fidelity and is open to the generation of new human life. Homosexual acts can only feign marriage and there is no potential for offspring. There is no sin in the orientation and we all need friends. Those who feel that they cannot enter into heterosexual marriage should live lives of chaste friendships. Indeed, there is no prohibition against life-long bonds as brothers and sisters. Much of classical Western culture finds its source in Catholic Christianity. Indeed, even today it is often the Church that gives us a lone voice for the voiceless. The Church suffers many sinners but she is the great advocate of the sanctity of life and the true dignity of persons. We see this demonstrated in the teaching of her schools, the preaching of her churches and in the charity of believers. Faith helps to give us a sense of our place in the universe. We are not abandoned or unimportant. We are not cosmic accidents but beloved children. We are not here today and gone forever tomorrow. We are called to an eternal destiny.

  2. The drum for a female Doctor began beating a few years ago and the BBC finally bowed to the pressure being brought by a pretty small group of people. Jody Whitaker was cast as The Doctor. Yaaayyy!! Right? I have no problem with a female Doctor, and I have enjoyed Whitaker’s acting in past roles; she was particularly brilliant in Broadchurch. The irony is that just as a woman takes over one of the most iconic roles in television history, Doctor Who stopped being a science fiction show and morphed into a preachy, SJW talking-point-of-the-week train wreck. I have never watched Doctor Who to be preached to, but rather to gain some escape from all the crap that we are deluged with daily. The powers behind Who have now taken that from me, and I nolonger watch the show. I welcome Jody Whitaker, but will not watch the show until it becomes Doctor Who again.

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