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There is Conservative, Liberal & Then There is Sick


Milo’s Right: That’s Why Catholics Go to Church

I must be getting old. Sorry, but who the heck is Milo?

Seems like a lot of hype about one strange and confused young man. Definitely he is someone who needs prayer more than either admiration or recrimination. But like I said, I had never heard of him until the last day or two. My conservatism is more in tune with Bill Buckley Jr., Jack Kemp, Bill Bennett and Ronald Reagan than either this juvenile weirdness or the polarizing populism of Trump. I much prefer gentlemen debating ideas than demigods deriding persons and shouting for attention.

6 Responses

  1. Ask yourself – are old time conservatives effective at reaching today’s youth. NO!

    FATHER JOE: But the alternative is not real conservatism or even a genuine intellectualism.

  2. I grew up in a Liberal and very politically active family. The Democratic Party continued to move farther and farther left over the years and many in my family slid further left with it. As I got older, I became a successful business owner, and became more active in the Church, I shocked everyone in my family and became a committed Conservative. But in the end, while many Conservative values still appeal to me, I came to the realization that, as a practicing Catholic, that the Church doesn’t fit neatly into any political “box,” or political ideology. Looking back, I guess I was slower than many to figure it out, but I am Catholic and everything else is secondary to the faith. I still take strong positions, but every position must be looked at in light of the Church, where truth is found. Today, when I’m asked if I’m a Liberal or Conservative, I simply answer, “I am Catholic!”


    Yes, quite right. I often preach that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans (nor any other party) should own us. We are Catholics. We belong to the Lord. Catholicism is inherently conservative in regards to the deposit of faith, as well as morals. Revelation is fixed and must be handed on. The church grows slowly and seeks to preserve elements of Western civilization. Some might judge her as liberal but only because various types of conservatives overly associate certain policies or stances with one side or the other. A better word than “conservative” in Church circles is “orthodox.”

    While Church teaching theoretically made room for capital punishment, most bishops have always opposed it given its gravity and the biases of the justice system. The Church, especially in the United States, still has a keen sense of itself as an immigrant Church that flowered and flourished. Given that many from Mexico, Latin and Central America share our faith, we tend to be sympathetic to the poor seeking refuge and a better tomorrow. Indeed, this becomes an element of Catholic patriotism that is at odds with isolationism. The conservative movement in the U.S. at one time seemed anti-Catholic and yet it changed and certain Catholic intellectuals became its strongest supporters. While there is massive dissent from liberal Catholics, the Church’s message is on the side of the pro-life movement, traditional marriages between men and women, and tolerance but NOT approval of homosexual acts. The Church looks down on sex outside of marriage, contraception, fornication and adultery. At the same time, the Church is pro-immigrant, operates charities for the poor, believes in ethic and racial civil rights, promotes social programs and healthcare initiatives and defends the genuine rights of women.

    We prefer dialogue and peace between nations where military intervention should always be the last resort. Catholic ethicists have promoted “just war” theory and how we should earnestly try not to target hospitals, schools, churches and other places with large numbers of non-combatants. Conservatism has been stretched to include progressive goals that certain liberals might share. But as I said, we always remain grounded.

  3. Milo hurt these feminists and Social Justice Warriers more than any conservatives.
    Why? because he is gay.
    Liberals will never say anything against gays because they consider them untouchable.

    I don’t agree with how he dresses or his homosexuality.
    But he was the most effective opponent these liberals had in decades. Remember, Liberals hate Christianity and love Muslims and gays. They found it difficult to attack Milo because he is gay.
    That is their weakness and they tried harder than ever to stop him.

    FATHER JOE: I think we would be at variance in regards to what is effective and the goal of dialogue.

  4. E.T: “Men are being emasculated by social justice warriors ..”

    I don’t think Milo is doing anything to remedy that. I saw him wearing pearls during an interview the other day. I am worried that you regard Milo as cool and someone who speaks to you. Look around. There are others who are better role models.

    The real men that Father mentioned, were dignified and distinguished. Even their political opponents had immense respect for them.

  5. Father Joe, I agree that you do not get it. Milo makes being conservative cool again and speaks directly to us, the younger generation. Of the heroes of old, I only recognized the name of Reagan. This is the time for new heroes and they may rise up from the most unlikely places.

    FATHER JOE: You still have not explained what traits makes this conservatism. Conservative thought by definition seeks to preserve the positive traditions of the past and the best of Western civilization. There is a profound emphasis upon freedom, but also upon basic human rights and the dignity of persons. Fiscally, conservatives tend to support a free-market and capitalism. Religiously, they tend to support either Catholicism or evangelical churches that preserve a fundamentalist or conventional view of faith and right and wrong. Philosophically, they tend to to subscribe either to teleology and/or to deontology. Politically, they emphasize local autonomy, states’ rights and a small federal government. We are not utterly opposed to change or innovation, but insist that we must always be well-grounded. We see this with the Catholic view of doctrine: the truths of revelation are fixed but there can be an organic development of doctrine. We would oppose a hermeneutics of rupture. We prefer continuity. Conservatism is not just a list of positions. Conservatism does not define itself simply by who and what it opposes. Rather, it is a way of looking at the world and appreciating our own identity.

  6. Father Joe

    Men are being emasculated by social justice warriors and everything decent and Christian is being spit upon by the liberal media. The Conservatives that you admire are not effective today. This is a different time and different tactics are required to reach our youth and societies. Liberals (or Progressives or Social Justice Warriors) are pushing the following agenda.

    1. Homosexual education in elementary schools and all media.
    2. Anti-white male discourse
    3. Anti male feminism
    4. Increasing Muslim immigration
    5. Abortion as a sacrament
    6. Eradication of Christianity from Western civilization
    7. Political Correctness and silencing of opposing views
    8. Degradation of fathers roles in society
    9. Hatred of European culture and contributions
    10.Increasing government debt where future generations will be unable to make payments

    FATHER JOE: I think there will always be room for civility and rational discourse. Otherwise, genuine conservatism is renounced and Christianity is betrayed by the very ones who claim to embrace it. Standing with the truth (past, present and future) means that some will have to witness as martyrs. In any case you give a list of radical threats… but how would you define the so-called new conservative over the heroes of old?

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