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Intercessory Prayer & the Saints



Where do we ever see person praying to another human being in the Bible?


We see plenty of instances where people pray together and where prophets pray over their people. Catholicism sees almighty God as the proper object of all prayer. Obviously we are not going to notice much in the way of praying for sanctoral intercession while the gates of heaven are closed and the righteous dead are still awaiting their Savior in the limbo of the fathers. I am often amazed that Christians still interpret so very much with the eyes of the Old Testament instead of the New.


Please don’t say tradition or something like that.


In other words, you want me to accept your terms from the very start and deny a basic element of Catholicism and true Christianity. The New Testament itself arises from Sacred Tradition. This font of revelation did not disappear after the complete Bible was composed and compiled by the Catholic bishops at Hippo.


Think about what you are saying.


The trouble is that YOU are not thinking enough about what you are trying to say. None of us come to God alone.


How God ever forget to tell us such an important part of our faith?


God did not forget anything. The trouble is that bigots dismissed the authority instituted by Christ, threw out Christian traditions going back to the apostles, and then settled on an edited version of the Bible missing books.


How can it never be in the Bible? Do you ever ask yourself why? Or do you just believe because it’s tradition.


I already said the Bible is not silent. When Catholics pray to the saints, they are asking that they pray for and with them. We do not pray to them as deities. This is the same intercessory prayer that was realized among the Jews and later in the community of the Church. In Christ, all are alive. Do you argue that the saints are asleep or that they cannot hear us? Have you no appreciation of the communion of the saints? Look at the petition or supplication of the Hail Mary Prayer: “Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.” Is your faith so personalized that you will allow no one, walking on earth or among the blessed of heaven, to pray for and with you?

The Catholic practice is based upon a profound hope in the resurrection. Here are some pertinent verses in the Bible where supplication is offered for others: 1 Timothy 2:1; Matthew 18:19-20; James 5:13-16; Ephesians 6:18; Isaiah 62:6; Philemon 1:1-25; and Job 1:1-22.

2 Responses

  1. The first three centuries of Christianity are the antithesis
    of protestantism. Have a conversation with any protestant and they will quickly gloss over the whole church history from the time of Christ right up to the protestant reformation. No one from 33AD to 1500AD practiced the protestant version of Christianity, no one.
    Let’s look at some of the founders of protestantism:
    Martin Luther – a virulent anti-semite who supported the subjugation and killings of peasants and Jews.Yet countless Northern Europeans use his name as their denomination.
    Henry VII – Had some of his wives executed and countless British citizens who didn’t support him. To this very day there is an undercurrent of anti-Catholicism in Britain, all started by this murdering King. What a wonderful founder of Anglicanism.

  2. Every time a post on here pops up in my inbox its just you,father Joe,insulting yet another peraon. You do not know the Bible. Either that or you know it and disobey it. Did you know that God is watching you?

    MARIE: You do not have to follow this blog if you do not want to do so. You have personal issues and I have suggested before that you seek help and keep taking your medicine. I also know that you are critical of the Catholic faith. There is a difference between dialogue and attacks. I sometimes post my responses to the attacks of others (in full or in part). As for God’s Word, I do know it but we probably interpret it quite differently. I praise God that there are Catholics and Protestants who regularly read his Word and love Jesus. I view them as brothers and sisters in Christ. Again and again, I have sought to be patient with you, all out of genuine concern. I will keep you in prayer.

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